Rudy Giuliani Lashes Out At ‘Pathetic’ Fox News Host: ‘You Don’t Let Me Get A Sentence Out’

Rudy Giuliani speaks to reporters as he leaves Trump Tower.
Drew Angerer / Getty Images

President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani appeared Sunday on Fox News to discuss the latest developments in the Trump-Ukraine scandal, Mediaite reports.

Giuliani’s interview with Howard Kurtz quickly dissolved into a shouting match, during which the president’s lawyer attacked and insulted the host.

Asked whether the Ukraine investigation was an attempt to harm Democratic front-runner Joe Biden’s presidential bid, Giuliani responded that he is simply trying to investigate “massive corruption” involving Obama administration officials.

The lawyer then alleged that both Biden’s brother and his son are corrupt, and cutting deals with Ukrainian businessmen.

Each of Giuliani’s claims was challenged by Kurtz, who kept insisting that his guest answers questions directly.

Apparently annoyed by the Kurtz’s request, Giuliani put his finger to his lips, loudly shushing the host.

“Could you just listen for one second?” he said, insulting Kurtz as “pathetic.”

“Wait, before you interrupt me Howard. I know you wanna defend it so bad. It’s pathetic. It’s pathetic.”

“Just listen to me for once second,” the attorney insisted, doubling down on his claims about the Bidens.

He then proceeded to accuse the media of bias, arguing that members of the Biden family and Democrats are being treated much better than those supportive of the president.

“You don’t let me get a sentence out,” Giuliani complained.

“With me, they contradict me before I get one minute into the sentence. So I don’t get to say anything un-contradicted,” he added.

Trump’s lawyer suggested that the media is treating him unfairly because he has damaging information about the Bidens, shouting at the Fox News host, and going back and forth between accusing the media of bias and talking about the Ukraine scandal.

Kurtz cut him off.

“We appreciate you coming on, thanks for joining us,” the host said, as Giuliani insisted that reporters “do something” about the Bidens.


According to Trump and his allies, the Biden family’s connections to Ukraine need to be investigated because Hunter sat on the board of a Ukrainian gas company while his father served as vice president.

According to a complaint filed by an anonymous whistleblower, Trump pressured Ukraine to investigate the Democratic front-runner and his family in order to damage his presidential campaign.

A transcript of Trump’s phone call Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky appears to corroborate the whistleblower’s allegations.

In response to these developments, the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives has launched an official impeachment inquiry.

The former vice president has denied any wrongdoing, vowing to beat Trump “like a drum” in 2020.