Peter Weber Will Receive An Impressive Paycheck For Starring On ‘The Bachelor’

Randy Holmes ABC

Update: Peter Weber has been hospitalized after falling down while playing golf in Costa Rica.

In the eyes of many men, staring on The Bachelor may seem like a dream scenario. The star of the reality dating show gets his pick from dozens of beautiful women, all of whom are fighting for his heart. They get to go on lavish dates, drive luxury vehicles, and travel the world throughout the season. As if this wasn’t enough, the star also gets a pretty nice paycheck for the experience. The current reigning Bachelor, Peter Weber, is expected to receive around $100,000 for taking on the starring role, according to Cosmopolitan.

In reality, being a contestant on any of the Bachelor franchise shows isn’t as ideal as it seems. Those that are just contestants not only have to fight for attention, but they end up missing work and don’t get paid anything for being on the show. Even after all they sacrifice to go on the show, it’s still more than likely they’ll end up going home broken hearted. It’s only the lead that gets the check once all is said and done.

Of course, Weber is already doing pretty well for himself financially as a pilot for Delta Airlines. His net worth will skyrocket after his season on The Bachelor, because he will certainly be presented with a multitude of endorsement deals, just like all those who have had the role before him. If Weber can get up to at least 1 million followers on Instagram, it’s likely that he’ll be offered branding deals up to $10,000 a post. He might not even have to fly planes anymore.

Weber is already in the process of filming the new season and has been seen out about on dates with the cast of women. Reality television blogger Steve Carbone, known predominately as Reality Steve, has been giving plenty of updates about how filming is going so far. Reality Steve revealed that Weber had planned a group date that was largely focused on sex. However, the date was cut short because Weber had fallen ill and wasn’t feeling up to continuing, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

“As today’s group date audience was set to file into the @AvalonHollywood, they announced that Peter was very sick and the group date was canceled. Everyone was sent home. The women were there for a couple of hrs and had to start writing about a sex topic. But Peter was feeling too sick so they canceled it. Sounds like it was food poisoning.”