‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: The Fallout From Lulu’s Declaration At Nina’s Wedding Will Be Fierce

Many people will be shocked and hurt by the secret that Lulu is about to tell.

General Hospital star Sofia Mattsson
Todd Wawrychuk / ABC

Many people will be shocked and hurt by the secret that Lulu is about to tell.

The truth is finally about to be revealed this week on General Hospital, and the drama will be kicking into high gear. Lulu Falconeri overheard Obrecht and Sasha talking in the bathroom and now she knows everything. She has kept her mouth shut for now, but not for long.

Lulu is expected to blurt out that Sasha isn’t Nina’s daughter just about the time that Nina is about to marry Valentin Cassadine. This will be quite a shock and will have a ripple effect for many people in Port Charles. The truth coming out will not only affect those who knew all along that Sasha is a fake, but also for those who weren’t in on the lie. The General Hospital spoilers put out by SheKnows Soaps tease that this week will be total wedding chaos and the fallout will be tough to take.

Once Nina realizes that Lulu is telling the truth about Sasha, viewers will see what her reaction will be. The one question fans want to know is if Nina will still go through with the wedding. She will certainly be devastated. While it’s not yet known whether Valentin will be outed as the one who orchestrated all of this in the first place, he is sure to try to cover his tracks the best he can, as also suggested by The Inquisitr.

Sasha has wanted to tell Nina for a while now. After all of this comes out, Michael will stand by his girl. He just recently found out who she really is, but he has since realized that she was not trying to hurt Nina and has grown fond of her.

Valentin will certainly be furious with Lulu for popping off about what she overheard. Her new guy, Dustin, will stand by her side as well, as the General Hospital spoilers indicates, but there may be consequences coming from Valentin.

By Tuesday, spoilers also say that Jordan will be comforting Curtis. They are both attending the wedding and Curtis was the one who helped Valentin find Nina’s daughter. He is bound to feel guilty and bad for his friend, despite him not being in on the scheme. He really thought that Sasha was her real daughter all this time.


Peter and Obrecht also knew about Sasha. They were both warned by Valentin to keep it quiet as not to hurt Nina since she grown to love Sasha. Will they be outed as well?

One other person who will be hurt in all of this is Charlotte. She is so excited to have her Papa and Nina married again, and also to have a big sister. Now all of that is shattered. Spoilers indicate that Lulu will be spending some time with her daughter in the midst of this mess.

There is a lot of drama ahead on General Hospital in the coming days.