‘Sports Illustrated’ Bombshell Haley Kalil Shows Off Stunning Hourglass Curves In High-Cut Yellow Swimsuit

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Haley Kalil gave her fans a treat on Sunday when she uploaded a photo of herself rocking a mustard-yellow swimsuit that accentuated her svelte hourglass figure. In the photo, Haley, a Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition model appears to be wearing minimal makeup save for some color on her lips. She wears her auburn hair down around her shoulders and accessorized the look with a radiant smile. Haley is also holding what looks like a palm leaf in her hand which adds a tropical vibe to the image.

Haley asked her fans to come up with a caption for the post and some of their suggestions were hilarious.

“Hello, po-leaf?” one commenter wrote, a clear reference to the foliage she’s holding. “I have an emergentree.”

“When the doorbell rings and my Taco Bell is here,” another fan suggested.

“When the plants are just too funny,” a third commenter added.

“The look I get when I ask for her number,” a fourth wrote.

But some of her followers ignored her request and jumped into the comments to share their appreciation for the model’s beauty.

“You are beautiful my beauty, one commenter gushed. “You’re wonderful you as a flower. I’m watching you with admiration”

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Caption this ????

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Haley Kalil regularly shows off why she became a Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition rookie in 2018. As The Inquisitr reported, she recently posted one of her photos from this year’s magazine. In the photo, she’s in a black bikini and the top may have been a size too small because her cleavage is spilling out of it. In the comments fans let her know how difficult it was for them to take their eyes off the photo.

“You get any hotter and you’ll need fire insurance!” one fan wrote.

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@si_swimsuit ????????‍????????

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But there’s more to Haley than meets the eye. She actually used to be a lab tech and holds a college degree in biomedical science and psychology, plus a minor in chemistry. In an interview with the New York Post, Haley revealed that she wanted to be a model when she was growing up because of America’s Next Top Model but a visit to a modeling agency discouraged her from pursuing that path.

“‘You’re gonna need to be a couple of inches taller and a couple of inches smaller'” Haley said of the feedback she got from the agency. “After that, I was like, OK, I’m not a model.”

But fortunately for Haley, she decided to give her modeling dreams another try when the Sports Illustrated Swim Search, the publication’s open casting call, came along. She saw a post about it on Instagram and immediately sent in her audition video.

“I’m very grateful, and not just because it’s a chance to be like, ‘haters, I did it!'” she added. “But because I’m literally living my dream.”

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