‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ryan Resurfaces As Ava Pays Him Another Visit

Craig SjodinABC Press

Ryan Chamberlain has been sitting in a prison cell at Pentonville, but his actual appearances on General Hospital recently has been pretty sporadic. The week of October 7, the serial killer will be resurfacing as his ex, Ava Jerome, will be paying him another visit.

Ava isn’t doing so well. She is still reeling from her daughter’s death at the hands of Ryan. It has been a year since he killed Kiki and her mother’s life has not been the same since. She has spent the past year trying to contact Kiki to ask her forgiveness so she can find peace, but apparently Kiki is not going to let Ava get off that easy. The last time that Ava went to see Ryan in prison was to see if he was the least bit sorry for killing her daughter. She also asked him to set her free from the crazy obsession he has with her. Unfortunately, he told her no to both. According to General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, she will once again be heading to Pentonville to see Ryan on Tuesday’s show.

What brings Ava back to see the man who killed her child? Maybe she is there to get closure one last time. On Thursday, Ava had a confrontation with Hayden Barnes in the bathroom at the Floating Rib. When Hayden got mad at Ava for saying that she wasn’t over Finn, she blurted out she had given up on Finn like Ava had given up on life. That caused Ava to shatter her martini glass in her hand. That statement seemed to frazzle her. Now she is running off to see Ryan Chamberlain.

The week of October 14 has a couple of curious spoilers to chew on regarding this storyline. For some reason, Laura is expected to reach out to Ava. Previous General Hospital spoilers had stated that Laura was supposed to be getting involved in Ava’s world. This week might just be the start of that. It could be that Laura is the one who helps her get back on her feet on to move on from Ryan’s hold on her.

The other spoiler for that week says that Chase will be heading to Pentonville to deal with the aftermath of Ryan’s act of violence. That doesn’t sound good. There is a reason that Ryan will act out and Ava may just be the reason. Maybe she will go see her ex to let him know that she is done and won’t let him control her anymore. Once Ryan realizes that he is not in her thoughts or feelings any longer, that may bring on his rage.

Watch General Hospital this week and next to see if Ava is really putting Ryan behind her once and for all. There is also plenty of other drama, as The Inquisitr had detailed, on Lulu’s decision to blurt out the truth about Sasha at the wedding ceremony. Stay tuned!