Joe Biden Accuses Donald Trump Of Asking Ukraine To ‘Manufacture Lies’ About Him

Joe Biden speaks at a campaign rally.
Drew Angerer / Getty Images

Joe Biden is taking direct aim at Donald Trump, accusing the president of trying to force Ukraine to “manufacture lies” about him for political advantage.

On Sunday, the former Vice President took to Twitter to sound off on allegations that Trump pressured Ukraine into digging up dirt on Biden and his son, Hunter. In one of his most direct statements yet on the matter, Biden accused Trump of trying to manufacture lies about him.

“In my experience, asking a foreign government to manufacture lies about your domestic political opponent is not ‘done all the time,'” Biden tweeted.

Biden was responding to a tweet from Donald Trump claiming that his attempts to pressure Ukraine into investigating the Bidens were a normal part of diplomacy and “done all the time.” Trump has offered a series of different justifications and defenses for his efforts to call for an investigation into the Bidens, saying there was nothing wrong with the request and later saying he was simply trying to root out corruption.

The former vice president continued to take aim at Trump throughout the day, later accusing him of dishonoring the United States.

“President Trump continuously dishonors everything it means to hold the office of President of the United States of America,” he tweeted.

“We must make him a one-term president.”

Though Biden has become more aggressive in his statements on Trump, he has taken some criticism for the way he has responded to the allegations against him. A report from NBC News noted that Biden has long shied away from publicly discussing members related to his family, though that has now caused a problem for him.

“His longstanding aversion to discussing family matters publicly — influenced greatly by the grief he’s borne publicly since his earliest days in the Senate — has been an obstacle for advisers to overcome as they pushed for a stronger voice.”


Trump is now facing an impeachment inquiry for his actions related to Ukraine, as a whistleblower came forward to claim that Trump took a series of actions meant to pressure Ukraine, including withholding military aid.

Some of Biden’s political opponents have rallied around him as well, with other potential 2020 Democratic candidates speaking out against Trump. New Jersey Senator Cory Booker pointed out that Biden has not been accused of any wrongdoing and that there was no truth to any of the accusations that Biden and his son engaged in corruption in Ukraine.