Husband Surprises Wife For 10th Anniversary, She Is Totally Shocked [Video]

A husband pulled all the stops to surprise his wife on their 10th wedding anniversary, and it was all recorded on a video that will make your day.

The adorable video hasn't gone viral yet, but it is definitely something worth watching, especially if you like love stories with a happy ending. A man called Steven, according to YouTube, wanted to show his wife of 10 years just how much he loves her.

It wasn't easy to pull off the surprise, but this husband enlisted the help of many to make his wife feel like the most special person in the world. From the look on her face throughout the events, we can assume that she was pleased.

Steven explains that his wife Kelli is out with a friend and has no idea of what he is planning for her when she gets home. Basically, she will get married all over again, without knowing it.

The unsuspecting wife thinks she is only going out to dinner to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary, her husband says in the video. He hired a band, a choir, and enlisted the couple's adorable little girls, who will carry a very special sign.

As Kelli and her friend approach the camera, they step out of the car and the wife is informed that she will have to wear a blindfold the rest of the way home. Looking confused, she goes along with the proceedings after she is told that "apparently your husband really loves you."

Her husband explained that after last year's anniversary, he wanted to do something really special for the 10th one, and after about two months, the idea was born. Steven says that the surprise for his wife took about 10 months to plan.

The wife arrives at home, where she is led -- still blindfolded -- inside by her friend, so she can change to more appropriate clothes. When Kelli emerges, she is wearing a fancy cocktail dress and high heels.

"I love you more than anything in the world, you are everything to me. I love you Kelli," the husband says into the camera.

As she walks out to finally meet her husband, he has some pointed words for her. He lovingly reminds her that she once told him that when it comes to love, actions speaks louder than words, and with that the festivities begin. Watch the cute video, and have those tissues ready.

What do you think about this husband and his surprise for his wife on their 10th wedding anniversary?

[Image via YouTube screencap]