Kanye West Explains Donald Trump Support During Sunday Service Sermon

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Kanye West got political during a Sunday Service sermon in Salt Lake City, Utah. While defending his support for President Donald Trump and the Republican party, the “Gold Digger” singer revealed that a president whose face is on American money has greatly informed his political ideology.

According to XXL Magazine, Kanye’s comments were in response to the backlash he’s faced for his vocal support for Trump. They were specifically aimed at the critics who bring race into the equation when calling him out. The “I Am a God” singer even equated their criticism to slavery, which he believes was “a choice,” after first praising Abraham Lincoln for ending slavery over 150 years ago.

“Abraham Lincoln was the Whig Party. That’s the Republican party that freed the slaves,” Kanye said. “People wanna call me a c**n ’cause I chose my right. And we got the right, right? We got a right to our opinions, right? You Black, so you can’t like Trump. I ain’t never made a decision based on my color. That’s a form of slavery, mental slavery.”

In a video of the rant, the massive crowd gathered to hear Yeezy speak can be heard initially responding to his words with scattered applause. He gets a few boos when he mentions Trump, but the crowd cheers at the end of his politically-charged sermon.

Kanye West shows a picture of a plane on a phone to U.S. President Donald Trump
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As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kanye has said that he did not vote for Trump, even though he’s worn a “MAGA” hat and is one of the president’s few celebrity defenders. And while he suggested that the current president and the Republican party deserve his support due to Lincoln’s past actions, he felt much differently about Republican President George W. Bush. In 2005, he said that Bush “doesn’t care about black people” during a Hurricane Katrina telethon.

Kanye met with Trump at the White House in October 2018, a few months after Ye’s good friend, John Legend, reached out to the rapper about his comments praising Trump and the Republican party. He specifically referenced one of Kanye’s tweets, a screenshot of a text conversation with someone about Lincoln freeing the slaves. As reported by E! News, Legend responded with a text pointing out that it was a Democrat, President Lyndon B. Johnson, who signed the Voting Rights Act and Civil Rights Act into law.

“White southerners eventually left the Democratic party because it became known as the party that fought more for equal rights for people of color,” Legend wrote.

As reported by Billboard, Legend later shared his opinion on why Kanye really supports Trump, and it has nothing to with Lincoln or slavery.

“I think Kanye, when he talks about Trump, he’s thinking about him more as a marketing triumph. I think he sees certain aspects of himself in Trump,” Legend said during an interview with Hot 97. “He sees how brash he is and that he doesn’t give a f*ck, how nobody believed he was gonna win. How he defied all the odds and became president.”