NFL Rumors: Antonio Brown Takes First Step In His 'War' Against New England Patriots And Oakland Raiders

Reports indicated that Antonio Brown wanted to "wage war" against the New England Patriots and Oakland Raiders in a quest to get back the guaranteed money he lost, and now the All-Pro wide receiver is making his first move.

As reported, Brown officially filed grievances against the teams that released him in a span of less than two weeks at the start of the season. Brown had hinted at taking action to get his money back, and previous reports indicated that he planned to be aggressive in trying to recoup the millions he lost when he was released by the Raiders and Patriots.

While Brown may be aggressive, the process will not take place quickly, the report noted.

"His appeal, seeking to recoup roughly $40 million in unpaid salary, fines and voided guarantees, likely won't be heard by the system arbitrator until the spring, sources say. It figures to be a major uphill battle to recoup the entire sum," the report noted.

Brown is appealing for not only the once-guaranteed money he lost --- $29 million in all -- but also the fines imposed by the Raiders during his short and troubled stay there. The team fined him close to $215,000 for missing team meetings and his confrontation with general manager Mike Mayock. Brown is also seeking his $64,062 in unpaid Week 1 salary from the New England Patriots as well as the rest of his $1.025 million in guaranteed salary. He will also try to recoup the $9 million signing bonus that the Patriots never paid.

As New York Post had previously reported, Brown was ready to "wage war" against the franchises for his lost money, though it is not clear what chance he may stand of having the money reinstated. Brown engineered his exit from the Oakland Raiders through a series of off-the-field outbursts that culminated with Brown taking to Instagram to ask for his release. Just a few hours after the Raiders granted that request, Brown signed with the Patriots.

He would last less than two weeks with the Patriots, being cut amid a series of sexual misconduct allegations and reports that Brown sent an intimidating text message to one of the accusers, which was reportedly sent while Brown was inside the Patriots team facilities.

Antonio Brown said in a Twitter outburst that he is done playing in the NFL, but he later went back on this and said that he would continue his career.