Miss Bikini Model 2019 Dare Taylor Is Sexier Than Ever In A ‘Poison Ivy’ Two-Piece

Dare Taylor takes a selfie.
Dare Taylor / Instagram

Dare Taylor has delivered her sexiest look yet. Miss Bikini Model 2019 updated her Instagram last night with a steaming-hot photo that also took things down an unusual route — she wasn’t wearing a typical two-piece. The model and social media sensation appeared to have embraced her jungle vibes, as seen by both the setting and her look in this newest upload. Dare’s fans, however, probably weren’t looking at the leafy background.

The photo showed Dare looking fierce and fabulous. The model was striking a pose with her hands on her hips as she modeled what may be the world’s most unique two-piece — a bikini-like crop top paired with shorts that were adorned with green leaves and white flowers. If anything was giving a nod to the “Poison Ivy” mentioned in the caption, it was this ensemble. The star seemed to be all about the greenery vibes, although she didn’t hold back on flaunting her killer body. Dare might not come with Instagram’s most eye-popping curves, but her status as Miss Bikini Model 2019 has more than confirmed her sultry status.

Dare’s killer abs, toned thighs, and sexy cleavage were all on show, although her captivating gaze was just as wowing. Dare also seemed to have glammed herself up a bit, wearing sparkly earrings and dark lipstick that upped the glitz of the shot.

Dare’s update proved popular. Although the rising star hasn’t even hit 100,000 Instagram followers yet, her newest snap racked up over 1,300 likes overnight. That same time frame also brought in plenty of comments, with fans appearing to love the look and the unusual vibes.

A leaf-covered two-piece might be unusual in the world of Instagram swimwear, but being different is Dare’s trademark. While the standard bikini will appear on this model’s feed, Dare is also into cosplay. She is no stranger to dressing up as various characters, and some recent looks of hers have included a pin-up sailor-style bikini and Wonder Woman.

Speaking about her career to Vocal, Dare mentioned her love of cosplay many times.


“Yes, I am a full-time model, and trying to become a full-time actress. But I have so many other aspirations it’s hard to define myself, I guess. I just really have a love of the creative side of cosplay, it’s my idea and concept for a costume,” she said.

“Cosplay, in my definition, is self-expression by creating your costume, and showing the people around you at the event your love for the character. I truly love the process in creating my costumes,” she added.