The Top Three 2020 Democratic Candidates Are All Beating Donald Trump In A Key Swing State Poll

The poll results show that Trump's most likely political contenders in the 2020 presidential election are beating him in Ohio.

President Donald Trump pauses while speaking during an event recognizing the Wounded Warrior Project Soldier Ride.
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The poll results show that Trump's most likely political contenders in the 2020 presidential election are beating him in Ohio.

While President Donald Trump battles through a growing controversy surrounding his phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, his potential 2020 Democratic political candidates are doing their best to get a leg up on the president for next year’s election.

According to Newsweek, at least some of the 2020 class of Democratic contenders are making headway, as the results of a new Emerson survey that was conducted from September 29 to October 2 revealed that Trump’s top three potential opponents in the race are beating him in the key swing state of Ohio.

Former vice president Joe Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren all scored higher than the president with the voting public in Ohio — a state that Trump won in 2016.

Biden and Sanders tied, with 53 percent of respondents saying they would back one of the two over Trump in the 2020 election, which was a six-point lead on the president. Warren also beat Trump’s number, but by only four percent — which was still enough to cover the poll’s 3.2 percent margin of error.

On the subject of impeachment, Trump also received a dose of bad news from Ohio voters. Factoring in the margin of error, roughly half of the respondents said they were in favor of impeaching the president at 47 percent. Forty-three percent were in opposition to the idea of impeaching Trump.

Looking further down a hypothetical political road, the poll also took the temperature of voters’ feelings on Vice President Mike Pence taking over as the president should Trump be kicked out of the White House. Unfortunately for Pence, if he were to launch a presidential campaign, Biden, Sanders, and Warren all beat him in the 2020 match-up.

Trump also scored a relatively low approval rating in the Buckeye State, garnering only 43 percent support from voters.

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While Trump’s numbers aren’t impressive in a number of recent hypothetical match-ups in some of the key early-voting states, one undisputed advantage the sitting president has is the vast campaign funding war chest he has managed to add to in significant numbers as of late.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, thanks to the help of the Republican National Committee, Trump managed to rake in an eye-popping $125 million in fundraising in the third quarter of 2019. Biden’s third-quarter numbers were dismal, raising just over $15 million, down significantly since his 2020 announcement run.

Sanders and Warren turned in higher fundraising numbers than Biden, both by roughly $10 million, but still far short of the cash that the 2020 Trump campaign will have on hand to fight to keep his seat in the Oval Office come next November.