‘Grand Hotel’ EP Weighs In On Show’s Cancellation

'Grand Hotel' cast speaking during the ABC segment of the 2019 Winter Television Critics Association Press Tour.
Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

ABC’s Grand Hotel has been canceled and executive producer Brian Tanen is weighing in, according to a report from TVLine.

The series, which is set at the fictional Riviera Grand Hotel, follows hotel owners Santiago Mendoza (Demián Bichir), his new wife, Gigi Mendoza (Roselyn Sanchez), and his two adult children, Alicia Mendoza (Denyse Tontz) and Javi Mendoza (Bryan Craig). At the beginning of the season, it was revealed that an employee of the hotel, Sky Garibaldi, had mysteriously disappeared during a storm. As the season went on, viewers learned that things were not quite as they seemed with the hotel’s owners and employees.

As it turned out, one of the hotel’s employees was responsible for Sky’s disappearance and death and the owners did everything they could to hide evidence of the crime. In an attempt to discover the truth, Sky’s brother, Danny Garibaldi (Lincoln Younes), went undercover as a hotel employee. The more Danny dug, the more he learned about the hidden secrets of the Mendoza family, including the fact that Santiago had an affair while married to his first wife and the discovery caused her to become suicidal. Danny and Alicia also learned that the affair was with the hotel’s staff manager, Helen Parker (Wendy Raquel Robinson) and that Santiago was the father of Helen’s adult son.

The Season 1 finale ended with Santiago being shot by an unknown assailant. But given the show’s cancellation, Tanen is dishing on the cliffhanger that left fans wanting more.

“We left it with a number of possible suspects,” Tanen tells TVLine. “It felt like half of the cast was angry with him — Gigi, Mrs. P, the stepdaughters, Felix, and Mateo. We were really hopeful that we could do a Season 2 and play out that question.”

Tanen went on to say that he’s still optimistic about being able to address the unanswered questions in a second season of the show.


“I’m being a little bit coy about answers for a potential Season 2 because, somewhere deep in my heart, I’m hopeful that there’s life for the show — if not on ABC then possibly on another platform,” he said.

“I think everyone would like to come back and make another season of the show.”

And speaking of the show’s cast, the show’s cancellation has left many fans thinking Bryan Craig could possibly be returning to his role on General Hospital, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. Craig is best known for playing the role of Morgan Corinthos, which has landed him two Daytime Emmy Awards.