‘Tomb Raider’ Takes Top Spot On UK Sales Charts

Tomb Raider has had a nice launch in the United States and across the pond as Lara Croft’s new story has hit the top of the UK sales chart. The fact that the game has made the top of the charts so quickly shouldn’t really be a surprise considering that in the United States the game had one million players in just over 48 hours after its release.

Now almost a week old, the game has definitely found a following. The game has already secured itself the largest launch of 2013 so far, knocking Aliens: Colonial Marines out of that spot. The reboot for this classic title actually managed to outsell Aliens two to one.

That little factoid is important in showing just how popular this game is as well as just how much video games have struggled to gain popularity at this early point of the year.

Tomb Raider might have taken the top spot in the UK charts but Sim games are seeing some serious popularity as well. SimCity managed to take the second spot on these charts also a week out from its launch. SimCity’s spot on the list is quite impressive considering the number of problems the “always online” game had once it launched.

Sims 3: University Life was the other game with Sim in its name as it took the fourth spot in the rankings. Other games of note on the list is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which despite being one of the older games on the list is still sitting pretty at #10.

Despite once having the privilege of the biggest launch of the year, Aliens: Colonial Marines has fallen down the list quite quickly and is currently sitting at #15.

Will Tomb Raider will be able to hold onto the top spot for another week, or will God of War: Ascension knock if from its perch?