Jill Duggar Takes Mischievous Boys To A Pumpkin Farm After Venting About Bad Day On Instagram

Jill Duggar had a pretty bad day on Thursday, but it looks like her mood has picked up just a couple of days later. Taking to her Instagram stories on Saturday, the former Counting On star shared that she and the boys visited a pumpkin farm for some fun.

Like other moms out there who may have a couple of rambunctious kids, especially boys, Jill had a trying day as a stay-at-home mom recently. She discovered that Israel, 4, and Sam, 2, decided to have a little fun instead of sleeping like they were supposed to be doing. According to The Daily Mail, the Duggar daughter spent a few minutes venting to her fans about what happened and how upset she was feeling at that moment.

Speaking to the camera, Jill appeared to be struggling after the boys dumped chocolate syrup and lemon oil, as well as bottles of water, all over the kitchen. Sam also scribbled with pencil on the living room walls. It seems that she had her hands full that day. She even let everyone see Sam throwing a tantrum behind her as she was attempting to clean up their mess.

"This is life with just two kids," Jill said looking tired and defeated.

However, things are looking a little brighter as the 28-year-old mom took her two little mischief makers to a local pumpkin farm over the weekend. Israel is looking totally innocent in the photos posing, but his little bro didn't seem to want to sit still for the photo op. He looks more interested in rolling pumpkins and climbing all over the haystack. He finally settled down long enough for someone to snap a quick picture of him standing still.

There is no evidence that Jill's husband, Derick Dillard, was along for the fun, but it does look like her mother-in-law, Cathy Dillard, was hanging out with her grandsons.

While poor Jill was at home cleaning up after her boys, her older sister, Jana, who is still single, has been doing some traveling out west for a friend's wedding and doing plenty of sightseeing along the way, as The Inquisitr had recently reported. Fans, over the past few years, have been praying for Jana Duggar to find someone to settle down with, but it appears that she is embracing her being single.

Jana may be hoping that one day she will finally get married and have kids, while Jill may be ready to take off on a vacation all by herself after her crazy day. She is certainly not alone, as most moms of young kids feel the same way at one time or another.

Keep checking back on Jill Duggar's Instagram to see plenty of photos of those adorable, but mischievous boys.