‘Playboy’ Bombshell Courtney Tailor Poses With A Pal In Double Bikini Photo

Swimsuit model Courtney Tailor says that she likes her 'chicks by the twos.'

Courtney Tailor attends the Sweeble and Arsenic Magazine party
Tibrina Hobson / Getty Images for Sweeble App LLC

Swimsuit model Courtney Tailor says that she likes her 'chicks by the twos.'

Curvy Playboy model Courtney Tailor is used to being the center of attention, but she decided to share the spotlight with a friend in her latest bikini photo.

The 23-year-old model and actress always gets plenty of love for her solo snapshots, whether she’s showing off her backside in a pair of skintight yoga pants, striking a sexy pose in revealing lingerie, or flaunting the bikini body that has turned her into an internet sensation. However, Courtney seems to believe that two two-pieces are better than one, as evidenced by her most recent swimsuit photoshoot.

In the snapshot, Courtney is wearing a bright orange bikini. Her eye-catching bathing suit dips low in the front, exposing plenty of her sun-kissed skin. She’s also giving her followers an eyeful of her famous cleavage, which is barely being contained by her tiny top. It features extra strings that wrap around her torso and crisscross beneath her bust, but it’s safe to say that most of her 1.6 million Instagram followers weren’t focused on this detail.

Courtney Tailor is straddling her friend, Hannah Bennett. She has one hand on Hannah’s leg, while Hannah is reaching up to entwine her fingers in Courtney’s hair. The women color-coordinated their bikinis for the photo, and they also wore matching belly button rings.

Courtney’s followers appreciated her generosity in allowing her pal to take some of the attention away from her.

“Which one is sweet? And which one is spicy? Double trouble,” read one fan’s response to the photo.

“Little of both in both,” Courtney replied.

“Omgosh y’all look so cute together in that color!” wrote another admirer.

In response to the praise of the women’s color choice, Courtney revealed that Hannah is the one who picked the neon shade.

“Thank you! She’s obsessed w orange lol” she wrote.


Courtney Tailor is a Texas native, and she recently took advantage of the Lone Star State’s warm fall weather by rocking a revealing outfit at the Austin City Lights music festival. In her most recent Instagram photo, Courtney, who appeared in the music video for G-Eazy’s “Me, Myself & I,” is pictured attending the event in a pair of frayed cutoffs and a tight gray crop-top. The look shows off the fitness fanatic’s toned legs and her flat stomach.

As reported by Times Now, Courtney Tailor isn’t just a successful Instagram model. In addition to appearing in Playboy and numerous ad campaigns, she’s also an actress who has starred in multiple movies and TV series. So just because bikini season is about to be over, this doesn’t necessarily mean that her fans will be seeing less of her.