Anastasiya Kvitko Squeezes Her Curves Into A Hot Pink Bikini That Barely Covers Her – Then Rolls Up Her Skirt

Anastasiya Kvitko is back in a bikini. The "Russian Kim Kardashian" has racked up more than 10 million Instagram followers due to her eye-popping curves. In fact, Anastasiya recently wore the "tiniest bikini Instagram will allow" as one of her updates. On October 5, the famous Russian take to her Instagram stories for a swimwear update with the footage doubling up as a reminder as to why this social media star her become a sensation.

AK's story on Saturday took place on a yacht. The model had been in the water, with parts of her story simply dedicated to the view. In addition, AK was seen in selfie mode as she swung the camera up and down to showcase her hot pink look. Her fans were treated to the model's curves thanks to the length of the camera's lens.

Kvitko was wearing a pink and patterned bikini that was definitely on the tiny side. The star's ample cleavage was visible, although AK seemed out to showcase more than just her upper half. Fans saw the brunette beauty's pink shades that matched her swimwear while the star rocked hoop earrings. AK was wearing a tiny white skirt as a coverup although the footage revealed that AK had rolled up the garment. Her curves were definitely on show.

As permanent posts, videos don't frequent AK's Instagram platform. That said, the Russian did opt to show up in a clip this past June when she had donned black swimsuit accented by sexy gold chains. AK does seem to like variety as the model does not always appear in swimwear. Regardless of what she's wearing, though, her posts prove popular.AK has opened up about her popularity. Speaking to Women's Fitness the star revealed that she was somewhat taken aback by how quickly her social media career had taken off."What can I say about the popularity on Instagram, my account has grown very fast -- I can't even follow its growth. I registered on it in August 2014, and since that time my story started in the summer of 2014 after I have been living for about one year in Moscow, then I had registered on Instagram. I used to like take photos of myself and post them on my account, it has since then grown so big," she said.

These days, Anastasiya Kvitko resides in the U.S. after having left her native Russia. Fans wishing to see more of AK should follow her on Instagram.