Gwen Stefani Has Birthday Dinner With ‘Adventurous’ Blake Shelton In Instagram Update

Gwen joked that she's dragging out her birthday celebrations with Blake.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton attend "Bennett's War" Los Angeles Premiere at Warner Bros. Studios on August 13, 2019
Joshua Blanchard / Getty Images for Forrest Film

Gwen joked that she's dragging out her birthday celebrations with Blake.

Gwen Stefani isn’t finished celebrating her 50th birthday yet. In “The Sweet Escape” singer’s latest Instagram update, she revealed that she and Blake Shelton enjoyed a low-key dinner after previously partying at her parents’ house. However, Blake wasn’t a fan of one of the dishes that was served.

On Friday, Gwen gave fans an inside look at her birthday dinner on her Instagram stories. She shared a video that was taken at an undisclosed restaurant, where she was having a martini with her boyfriend Blake. However, she and her cowboy beau were not alone. They were joined by Gwen’s brother Todd and his wife, Jen. As Gwen filmed the group, she shared that the purpose of the outing was to celebrate her 50th birthday, which she officially observed on October 3.

“We are dragging this out,” Gwen quipped in the short clip.

She also uploaded a video of Todd and Blake having a discussion about some of the grub that had been ordered for everyone at the table to share.

Gwen initially had her camera trained on Todd, but Blake can be heard talking in the background.

“You understand that I am very adventurous,” he told his girlfriend’s brother. “I have had that.”

Gwen panned the camera over to Blake as he spoke, before aiming it at the topic of their conversation — a tray of oysters.

“I do like the taste, but I just can’t get over it,” Blake continued.

“Of what?” Todd asked.


“The texture,” Blake responded.

While Blake may take issue with the slimy and slippery seafood, he wasn’t lying when he said that he’s an adventurous eater. As reported by US Weekly, he took a shot of uni, or “gonads of sea urchin,” when talk show host Jimmy Fallon took him out to try sushi for the first time. Even though he wasn’t a fan of most of the dishes that Jimmy ordered, he did bravely try them all.

Luckily for Blake, oysters weren’t the only thing on the menu when he took Gwen out for another birthday dinner. Gwen also shared a photo of a birthday cake with a few slices cut out of it. It was covered in creamy white frosting and decorated with colorful flowers.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Gwen’s birthday celebrations still may not be over. Insiders have said that Blake plans on taking her on a special couple’s getaway sometime soon, and he’s also organizing a Halloween-themed party for his girlfriend.