WWE News: Jeff Hardy Arrested


Jeff Hardy has been out of action for months, but he’s been making headlines repeatedly for reasons that have nothing to do with WWE or sports entertainment. According to a report by PWInsider, he was arrested on Thursday evening in Moore County, North Carolina for driving while impaired.

Hardy has a history of alcohol-related offences, and this is the second time this year that he’s been arrested while drunk. As The Inquisitr reported back in July, he was found passed out in a public stairwell and charged with public intoxication.

At the time, WWE opted against taking disciplinary action against the former World Champion, claiming that he’s responsible for his own actions.

WWE has since released a statement about the situation, which is the same as their previous one. However, the company tends to keep out of their superstars’ personal lives when it comes to incidents like this. Jimmy Uso has had a couple of brushes with the law this year over alcohol-fueled incidents, but the company hasn’t punished him.

While WWE appears to be standing off here, it remains to be seen if Hardy will be disciplined in other ways upon his return. If the company views him as unreliable, it could affect any future pushes. Before he was taken off television due to an injury, he was a SmackDown Tag Team Champion with his brother Matt.

Jeff Hardy takes on Daniel Bryan
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As documented by Sportskeeda, Matt also responded to curious fans on Twitter.

“Jeff has to make his decisions about his life,” he wrote.

On top of that, he also said that while he cares about his brother, he cannot control his actions.

While there’s been no confirmation as to when fans can expect to see Hardy return, it is expected to happen in the near future. He’s been out of action for months as the result of a knee injury, which resulted in WWE adding more months to his contract to make up for lost time.

Matt has also been kept off WWE television for the most part since his brother got injured, suggesting that WWE plans on bringing the sibling duo back as a team whenever Jeff is cleared to compete again. They technically didn’t lose their championships, so they have unfinished business as a duo.

At the same time, both men are also proven singles competitors and veterans, so they can both be used in a variety of ways. Prior to Jeff’s injury, he was a regular fixture in the upper midcard of WWE’s roster, and he’s clearly still held in high regard by the company.