Joe Biden: ‘Unhinged’ Donald Trump Has ‘Indicted Himself By His Own Statements’

Former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at the SEIU Unions for All Summit.
Mario Tama / Getty Images

Former Vice President Joe Biden said on Friday that President Donald Trump had “indicted himself” by publicly urging Ukraine to investigate the Biden family, The Hill reports.

“He’s indicted himself by his own statements,” the Democratic presidential candidate said, defending himself against Trump’s accusations.

“This is not about me. It’s not about my son. There’s not a shred of evidence there’s been anything done that has been wrong,” he said.

Biden then went on to describe Trump as “unhinged,” revealing that he worries about what the president will do come election year.

“He is unhinged. I worry about what he’s going to do, not about me and my family. I’m worried about what he’ll do in the next year of his presidency,” he said.

Biden made the remarks during the SEIU forum in Los Angeles, and they echo his most recent campaign advertisement.

As CNN reported, Biden is spending $6 million on ads targeting voters in early primary states. One of Biden’s new ads, titled “Unhinged,” focuses on the candidate’s response to Trump’s behavior.

The 30-second video is meant to make an argument about what is perceived to be Biden’s greatest strength, electability, and it features a recent speech by the former vice president during which he attacked Trump for going after his family.

The ad suggests that Trump is attacking Biden because he knows he is the strongest candidate.

“Now, fearful about his reelection, he’s becoming more unhinged,” the Delaware Democrat says in the video.

“He imagines that this tactic will allow him to pick his opponent and face only the candidates he thinks he can beat.”

The ad push comes not only in response to Trump’s allegations, but as Biden continues to slip in the polls. The former vice president entered the race as a front-runner, managing to maintain a formidable lead over his opponents for months.

The lead has started to melt away, however, and the Democratic primary now appears to be a three-way race between Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren.

Furthermore, donors appear to be abandoning the former vice president; he raised only $15 million in the third quarter, which put him behind Sanders, Warren, and Pete Buttigieg.


As previously reported by The Inquisitr, according to a whistleblower complaint, Trump pressured Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden’s business dealings in the country.

Trump allegedly threatened to withdraw military aid unless his requests are fulfilled, in an effort to damage the Democratic front-runner’s presidential campaign.

In response to Trump’s actions, the House of Representatives launched a formal impeachment inquiry.