Tyler Cameron Celebrates National Taco Day With Sensual New Photos Posted On Instagram

Cheers to National Vodka Day AND National Taco Day! Recognized nationally on 10/4, Tyler Cameron celebrates with Smirnoff, the world’s No. 1 vodka, in New York City.
Noam Galai / Getty Images

October 4 is National Taco Day and National Vodka Day, and Tyler Cameron is celebrating both.

The Bachelorette star took to Instagram yesterday to post a two-photo series showing how he is choosing to celebrate the day.

In the first photo of the two, Tyler was looking longingly at a hardshell taco extended in his right hand, while his left was holding a crystal tumbler filled with what one can only assume was vodka mixed with something. The beverage itself was a light pink and garnished with a slice of lime.

Tyler was lounging on a yellow velour couch in what appears to be a high-rise apartment or studio. The post was geotagged in New York City, and skyscrapers were visible out the windows behind the reality star. There was also a clear tray holding more tacos, another drink, and a bottle of Smirnoff vodka sitting on the marble coffee table in front of the couch.

Tyler was sporting fall fashion in the snaps, wearing a pair of tight black jeans, a form-fitting white t-shirt, and a black-and-white plaid long-sleeved shirt worn open, exposing the t-shirt underneath. His shoes were cut out of the photo and his brown hair was styled in a relaxed manner, although it did have some height to it at the front. He was laughing as he gazed at the taco in his hand.

In the second photo of the series, Tyler was photographed in the middle of eating the taco. He was still holding the drink in his left hand, and it appears as if his one-handed taco munching didn’t go so well. This photo is closer up on Tyler and shows that he spilled some shredded cheese and lettuce onto his shirt, near his shoulder.

The post was sponsored by Smirnoff, and Tyler captioned his photo with hashtags for National Vodka Day and National Taco Day. He then asked his followers to name a more iconic duo than vodka and tacos. Fans and celebs alike took to his comments section to inform him of the traditional alcohol pairing with tacos — tequila.

“Tequila + Taco,” wrote actress Erin Lim. Her comment received 398 likes from other users.

While fans did agree that tacos and tequila were the more iconic duo, other fans commented on how Tyler was looking at the taco in his hand.

“just want someone to look at me the way you’re looking at that taco,” one fan said.

“what’s a girl gotta do to be that taco tho,” a second follower asked.


Cosmopolitan even got in on the taco action, posting a video of Tyler eating the taco in slow motion to their own Instagram account. That video has racked up over 100,000 views in less than 24 hours since it was posted.

Tyler recently made headlines when he was linked to supermodel Gigi Hadid. However, he has since confirmed that the two of them are just friends.

Fans who want to keep up with Tyler can follow him on his Instagram.