Mackenzie Douthit of 'Teen Mom 3' Slams Pregnancy Rumors

Although Teen Mom 3 wasn't a hit, cast member Mackenzie Douthit has maintained a huge fan base who continues to follow her. The former reality show star quietly raises her two children while still pursuing cheerleading and fitness. These days, most of her followers follow her for advice on health and diet as Mackenzie also suffers from diabetes.

It is her medical issues which caused her to get pregnant with her second child so quickly. While Mackenzie had her son Gannon at a young age and was featured on MTV's 16 and Pregnant, she became pregnant with her second child, Jaxie, shortly after the show premiered (filming had already been complete.) As a result of being diabetic, her second pregnancy was incredibly hard and Mackenzie Douthit revealed that she was actually risking her life for her second child. She revealed in a 2013 interview with Life & Style that the risk was worth it, though.

"My blood sugar could get so low that I pass out — and never wake up. Having this baby is worth that risk. I will always put my baby first."
Luckily, the pregnancy went well for Mackenzie and her baby girl will turn one-year-old early next year. With her baby girl growing up fast, though, is the Teen Mom 3 star considering having another child? There is no doubt that she and her husband, Josh, wouldn't mind having a big family and after Mackenzie posted a photo to Instagram, some of her followers speculated that she was pregnant. However, Mackenzie was quick to squash the rumors that she was pregnant and posted another picture showing her rock hard abs!
"Since everyone's saying I look pregnant in the last pic I thought I'd post another pic of my gross manly 95 pound body #yourwelcome"
Back in November, Mackenzie revealed on Twitter that her husband would love to have ten kids and that she would also like to expand her family. Unfortunately, Mackenzie cites her blood sugar as a reason for not getting pregnant again. In fact, she says that she doesn't think her body could handle another pregnancy, but added that it is something she and her family are "praying about."

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Teen Mom 3 premiered on MTV late last year, but audiences were not receptive to the new show. Despite the original Teen Mom and the subsequent Teen Mom 2 doing well, Teen Mom 3 was canceled after only one season. Since then, Mackenzie Douthit (along with the rest of the cast) has kept relatively low profiles and has stayed out of the spotlight.

[Photo Credit: Instagram]