EMP Threats By North Korea Increase Traffic To Prepper Websites

EMP concerns prompted by threats of a nuclear attack by North Korea have caused thousands of Americans to flock to prepper and survival websites. Prepping and survival products have become big business in recent years. Visiting websites for EMP advice and emergency education does not cost a dime, as worried first-time visitors are rapidly discovering.

The United States government has devised a special commission to address EMP threats specifically. It had been decades since school children were told to hide under their desks in case of a nuclear attack. Preparedness insight and procedures appear to have come a long way since the Cold War emergency drills.

EMP attacks were largely considered a very remote possibility by many Americans, until recently. While many experts feel North Korea simply does not have the capability to hit the continental United States, a growing number of residents have apparently decided to hedge their bets and spend some time on prepper and survival websites – just in case.

The Secrets of Survival website recently published a report on the worst places to be if an EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) attack actually occurs. Just like in many other disaster scenarios, folks living in metropolitan areas may experience a more difficult time reacting to an attack than their rural counterparts.

Americans who live in rural areas, and perhaps the suburbs, have the yard space to grown their own food and ample space to store emergency supplies. Survival experts also note than living in less crowded areas means fewer people will be attempting to steal basic survival supplies.

Should an EMP attack by North Korea happen in mainland America, the antiquated and overly-taxed power grid is considered an extremely vulnerable target. A downed power grid would immediately impact hospitals. The very young and the very old could have a more difficult time surviving life without heat or air-conditioning.

Transportation will also likely come to a grinding halt. Vehicles built after the late 1950s or early 1960s (when computerized components became commonplace) will be have nothing but fried and unusable components if a North Korea EMP attack occurs.

Many survival and prepper website are focused on education and tips sharing than scare tactics. Some often focus on reviving tried and true homesteading habits which could become extremely useful for survival if an EMP attack from North Korea happens in America.

Are you concerned about a North Korea EMP attack?