Mandy Moore Shares Stunning Behind-The-Scenes Throwback Snaps From ‘A Walk To Remember’

Mandy Moore arrives at the 71st Emmy Awards.
Emma McIntyre / Getty Images

Mandy Moore recently surprised her 3.8 million Instagram followers with a series of throwback snaps that had them freaking out. The series of throwback shots were some behind-the-scenes moments captured during the filming of A Walk To Remember, courtesy of director Adam Shankman.

The first snap featured Mandy and co-star Shane West all dressed up in the clothing they wore for the play within the movie. Mandy was looking at Adam as he said something, kneeling on the floor, and Shane sat in a chair nearby glancing downwards.

In the second snap, Adam was giving Shane some direction in a scene. Mandy appeared to be having a blast and had a huge smile on her face, and Adam pulled a hood over his head in the casual shot.

The third throwback captured a moment between Mandy, Shane, and Adam as they all burst into laughter. They were leaning against one another in the shot and appeared to be having a great time on set.

The fourth snap proved just how long it had been since the movie was filmed. Shane looked like a baby, and had a large white bandage on his forehead from a scene. Mandy’s hair was down and she rocked her character’s bangs, and had a huge smile on her face.

All of the photos in the series of throwbacks appeared to be filled with joy and illustrated the type of experience they all had on set.

Moore’s followers couldn’t get enough of the throwback snaps, and the post quickly racked up over 104,000 likes within just six hours.

The other two individuals in the pictures commented on Mandy’s posts, taking a trip down memory lane with her.

“HOLY MOLY!!! You put em all up!!! I just found a case more. Your going to have to come over and take a bunch!” Adam said in the comments section of the post.

It appears the director was surprised that Mandy deemed the throwback snaps good enough to share with her substantial following on Instagram.

Shane left an incredibly sweet message in response to the throwback snaps.

“That third pic is what it really was all about,” he said.

Mandy’s followers also weighed in in the comments section.


“One of my favourite movies,” one follower said.

Many other followers shared similar sentiments about the movie, declaring how much they loved it and how it was a movie they watched over and over again.

“I’m not crying, you’re crying,” another follower said.

Another follower had vivid memories of the dress that Mandy wore in the play scenes, and wanted her to bring it back to life on the red carpet.

“Okay but the blue silky dress you wore in those scenes is ICONIC to people who relentlessly watched this movie growing up and tbh you should replicate/unearth and wear to an event for us.”

Though this Instagram post was a throwback, Mandy recently celebrated a milestone by getting her very first Emmy nomination for her role in the television series, This Is Us.