Kate Beckinsale Looks Flawless In Silly Instagram Update With Her Cat

Kate Beckinsale on the Gentleman's Final at Wimbledon.
Tristan Fewings / Getty Images

In addition to being totally gorgeous, actress Kate Beckinsale is known for her killer sense of humor. The British bombshell may look stunning in all her Instagram posts, but her posts also often feature a cheeky caption that has fans laughing.

Her latest post was no different. The brunette beauty shared a snap with her followers that highlighted her beauty. Her brown locks were spread across a dark hardwood floor, and only half of her face was visible. Her stunning bone structure was highlighted in the shot, as were her gorgeous eyes and luscious pink lips.

Toward the top of the shot, a luxurious white cat strode into the frame with one paw slightly outstretched. The snap could easily have been featured in a magazine spread or ad campaign, and Beckinsale looked beautiful in the photo. The caption, however, was all about humor. In it, Beckinsale joked about how her cat would likely take the opportunity to treat her as a snack if anything were to ever occur.

It isn’t the first time Beckinsale has had her fans cracking up over a feline post, however. Just a few days ago, Beckinsale shared a video of the same cat with a toy between her paws that looked a bit NSFW.

Beckinsale’s followers loved the silly post, which received over 83,000 likes within just 10 hours. Even actress Isla Fisher, who is also known for her comedic skill, gave the post a like.

“All I know is that you dropped dead gorgeous,” one follower said.

Another follower couldn’t decide which component of the photo was more stunning, and told Beckinsale so in his comment.

“Ridiculous, gorgeous kitty cat and a pretty decent looking vampire, but at the end of the day who can go past those hardwood floors. Magic,” they wrote.


“You are breathtakingly beautiful,” one follower simply stated.

“This absolutely made my morning! I love you Kate!! Keep on rocking,” another fan commented.

Beckinsale’s Instagram page is full of surprises and intriguing content. Rather than promoting one of her projects in the bio on her page, she included a quote by Friedrich Nietzsche to show off her intellectual side.

She also surprised fans recently by sharing plenty of selfies where she rocked platinum blond locks, taken while she worked on the movie, Jolt. Her followers simply never know what to expect when they come to her page, which may very well be what keeps them coming back time and time again — that, and Beckinsale’s breathtaking beauty.