Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Nina Learns The Truth About Sasha At Last

'General Hospital' has Cynthia Watros playing Nina
Todd Wawrychuk / Walt DIsney Television

General Hospital spoilers reveal new details about what Lulu will do with the information she learned about Sasha. As Friday’s show ended, Lulu was determined to tell Nina that Sasha isn’t her real biological daughter. Now, fresh scoop regarding how this plays out has emerged.

During Friday’s episode, Nina mentioned that it had been exactly one year since she had found the courage to pick up the phone and contact Sasha for the first time. Curtis had run two DNA tests to confirm that Sasha was Nina’s biological daughter, but Valentin had managed to have both tests altered.

This week, leading up to her wedding, Nina gave Sasha a necklace she had created to match her own half-heart piece. Viewers have been waiting for the other half of this mother-and-daughter necklace to show up since Sasha admitted she didn’t have it.

Many fans have a hunch that it will soon be revealed that Willow actually has the necklace. However, General Hospital spoilers now confirm that Nina will learn the truth about Sasha before anything more with Willow can develop.

As The Inquisitr detailed earlier, previous spoilers for General Hospital suggested that Lulu will stop Nina just before she walks down the aisle to marry Valentin again. Lulu will be understandably anxious about sharing what she knows, but she has convinced herself that telling Nina the truth is the right thing to do.

The new print edition of Soap Opera Digest confirms that Lulu will tell Nina about Sasha before the wedding happens. Apparently, it doesn’t happen outside the church during that initial encounter.

General Hospital spoilers share that Nina will be able to tell that Lulu is upset about something as they cross paths outside before the wedding begins. For some reason, however, Lulu doesn’t go through with spilling the beans and Nina brushes off the negative vibe she gets from Lulu.

Cynthia Watros, who now plays Nina, teases that Lulu will find the guts to drop the bombshell during the ceremony.

“[I]t’s the typical, ‘If anyone has anything to say, speak now or forever hold your peace,’ and Lulu stands up and makes this outrageous statement.”

That statement will be that Sasha is not biologically related to Nina. However, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Nina won’t believe Lulu. She’ll be angry at her, thinking that she’s just trying to get revenge against Valentin or that she just doesn’t want to see the couple happy.


Then, Nina will turn to Sasha and ask her to tell everybody that she is Nina’s biological daughter. General Hospital spoilers tease that Sasha will start crying as Nina asks her this and looks at her. That will prompt Nina to realize that what Lulu said was true.

What about Valentin? Lulu has assumed that he orchestrated this scheme, but she doesn’t know for certain. Based on General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, it will take much of the week for all of this to play out.

It sounds as if Valentin will probably face questions or an allegation about this, but he may try to play it off by acting offended by the suggestion he was involved in. He’s worked for more than a year to win Nina back, and he won’t give her up without doing everything he can to avoid it.

Will Nina still marry Valentin after learning the truth about Sasha? Will Sasha or Liesl expose Valentin’s involvement or will he manage to look clean for a bit longer? General Hospital spoilers tease that it’s going to be a wild week with this storyline, and fans are thrilled the truth is finally coming out.