Latina Fitness Model Ainsley Rodriguez Puts Six Pack Abs On Display In White Crop Top & Snakeskin Pants

Ainsley Rodriguez snaps a selfie on Instagram.
Ainsley Rodriguez / Instagram

Ainsley Rodriguez has got it, and she’s not afraid to flaunt it.

The fitness model has never been shy when it comes to showing off her amazing figure on social media, and on almost a daily basis, she dazzles fans with NSFW photos. Ainsley loves to show off the body that she has worked so hard to achieve for her 1.9 million-plus Instagram followers, and with each photo or video that she shares with fans, she garners plenty of attention.

In the most recent Instagram share that she posted on her page, Rodriguez shared a series of photos from her travels. The model tagged herself at Miami International Airport in the post and shared three new shots with fans. In the first image in the deck, Rodriguez stands in front of a mirror in the bathroom and snaps a selfie. The bombshell wears her long, dark locks down and slightly messy as well as a face full of makeup, including eyeliner and mascara.

She puts her killer figure on display in the image while clad in the tiniest white tank top and a pair of snakeskin sweats. Her six-pack abs take center stage in the photo, and the beauty completes the look with a pair of white sneakers. In the next photo in the series, she shares her pre-flight meal with fans that includes egg whites, fruit, bacon, and tea. In the last image, she shared a shot of her in-flight meal, which was a meal replacement bar.

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MIA ✈️ STL . Swipe ???????? for pre and in-flight snacks! . I don’t know when I started getting to the airport early enough to actually enjoy the lounge but I’m totally blaming it on free breakfast ???? . Pre-flight: Food: This morning the lounge had a ‘build your own bfast taco’ station so I kinda just picked and chose from the deconstructed options! I opted for the eggs (I always have whole eggs with the yolk but oddly enough they only had an egg white option) and I sprinkled a little bit of bacon for some added flavor while omitting the tortilla, cheese and sour cream! I had a side of fresh fruit instead of a bagel or pastry! Drink: opted for green tea instead of coffee since they didn’t have almond milk today and I personally don’t like to drink my coffee black Supps: Every morning (home or travel) I always take my micro pack which contains my multi, coQ10, Anti-oxidants, pro-biotic and EFAs. The fact that they are packaged like this makes it so convenient for travel. (Link is in my bio for these) . In-Flight: Food: When being able to select between a cookie or pretzels I’d likely tell you to save on the sugar and opt for the pretzels, but I personally like to bring my own bars that are a little more filling and ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS. This pumpkin flavor that just released is seriously by far the BEST flavor yet ???????????? Drink: WATER! HYDRATE! The little cup they give you only goes so far so I save myself from constantly needing to annoy the flight attendant by just grabbing one at the airport. If you’re trying to save on money just bring your own empty water bottle and fill it up at a water fountain after you go through security ????????

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The post has only been live on her account for a short time, but it’s garnering the fitness model a lot of attention with over 11,000 likes and 300-plus comments. Some fans commented on the photo to let Rodriguez know she looks gorgeous while countless others commented on her pre-flight and in-flight meal.

“YOU LOOK SO CUTE,” one fan commented with a series of flame emoji.

“Hottest bathroom selfie I’ve ever seen,” another wrote with a flame and clapping hand emoji attached to the end.

“Beautiful as always safe flight,” another Instagrammer wrote.


Recently, The Inquisitr shared that Ainsley delighted her fans in another sexy outfit that was shared to social media. In the image, Rodriguez showed off her amazing body once again, this time in a pair of incredibly short daisy duke shorts and a strappy black tank top that offered generous views of cleavage. She was all smiles for the photo while completing the look with black boots.

That post garnered over 52,000 like and 700-plus comments.