Hannah Palmer Strips Down To The Tiniest String Bikini Imaginable: ‘Good Morning Sunshine’

Hannah Palmer takes a selfie
Hannah Palmer / Instagram

Hannah Palmer is back on Instagram, and just in time for the weekend. The Maxim model mostly makes headlines for those legendary Bang Energy promotions; Hannah spreading her legs in a blue swimsuit on the beach last week for the brand appeared well-received by her fast-rising Instagram following. The Arizona native has returned to Instagram with a new update, although today didn’t see Hannah promoting anything other than a good dose of sunshine, plus the benefits of rocking the tiniest bikini imaginable.

Hannah’s photo showed her in an urban setting. The model was seen in front of a lawn, with buildings in the background suggesting that she was in a downtown area – it isn’t always beaches for Hannah. The beach body was all there, though. Hannah was flaunting her killer body in a minuscule thong two-piece, with a halterneck finish perfectly flattering her tall and curvy frame. Fans saw Hannah snapped in semi-profile and from behind – yes, that famous rear was on show. Likewise, a fair amount of sideboob, although it’s never vulgar with Hannah. The blonde’s white-and-blue string bikini was holding her curves pretty impressively, with the star also seeming to channel a little athleisurewear into her look, with white sneakers matching her swimwear.

Hannah delivered her trademark, piercing gaze as her hair blew in the wind, and she also delivered a caption to greet her fans.

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good morning sunshine ☀️

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Given that Hannah’s last update was made four days ago, fans were likely waiting for the next post. Today seems to have been their lucky day. It’s also seen Hannah cause quite a stir, with the post racking up over 10,000 likes in just 20 minutes. Fan comments poured in; this model may not have reached the 1-million mark in terms of followers, but she’s got her fanbase.

By and large, Hannah appears in two modes. The star will either deliver her updates in promotional ways, or she’ll simply post her bikini body for what looks like the sheer pleasure of it. As to those Bang Energy promotions, well, they’ve become a bit of a thing for the model’s followers. Yes, a can of the beverage will be heavily featured, but Hannah rocking a tiny one-piece or bikini as she works those curves seems the biggest treat ever for those subscribing to her account.


Hannah does, indeed, seem to come with buckets of charm. While those curves are fierce, there’s a girlie innocence to Hannah that steers clear of being pretentious or too provocative. In short, this rising face seems to have it all.

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