Salt Dome Sinkhole Poses Explosion Risks, According to Erin Brockovich

louisiana salt dome sinkhole

Erin Brockovich claims explosion risks exist at the Louisiana salt dome sinkhole collapse site. The environmental activist’s visit to the collapse site over the weekend prompted the national spotlight to shine on the Louisiana disaster.

The salt dome sinkhole is reportedly the first time a brine cavern of such substantial size has ever collapsed. Some experts feel the salt dome is not done caving in yet. The primary reason the salt dome collapse is considered an unprecedented sinkhole is the amount of gas and oil beneath the site. Gold Gate Petroleum, LTD statistics report there are about 200 billion gallons of crude oil and 500 billion cubic feet of gas under the Louisiana sinkhole.

The celebrity activist maintains local residents need to leave the salt dome sinkhole area and file lawsuit for relief. Erin Brockovich and attorney Thomas Girardi were hired by Louisiana citizens who live near the salt dome collapse to attend a meeting about the matter on Saturday.

Bayou Corne residents were evacuated after the salt dome collapsed, creating a sinkhole. Brockovich told local news reporters that residents did not feel their questions about the emergency evacuation and the salt dome were being answered in a timely manner. The environmental and human rights advocate also stated the Louisiana residents were frightened and did not feel that had enough information about what was going on at the salt dome collapse site.

Erin Brockovich also said, “They’re being told, ‘This is dangerous. Get out.’ They need to get out. That land, those homes, it’s useless now.” The celebrity activist also maintains that the company that owns the land where the sinkhole occurred is not dealing with residents in the right way. She maintains the salt dome matter should have been resolved seven months ago.

Some local officials and residents reportedly feel the salt dome collapse sinkhole simply cannot be stopped. Brockovich claims the Napoleonville salt dome has an impact far beyond the falling caverns at the primary site. Some local officials have stated that entire 1-mile by 3-mile salt dome area is collapsing.

A slat dome at Lake Peigneur has allegedly been “oddly bubbling” for years, but stopped unexpectedly recently. A nearby residents said concerns voiced to local officials were dismissed. Louisiana state officials have not mandated that all salt dome operators supply proof that their storage areas area safe.

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