‘World’s Sexiest Nurse’ Lauren Drain Rocks Neon Yellow Thong Swimsuit As She Talks Pregnancy Cellulite

Lauren Drain poses for a photo on her Instagram page
Lauren Drain / Instagram

Lauren Drain, a fitness model and coach who happens to also be a registered nurse, turned up the heat on Instagram Friday with a photo of herself in a plunging neon yellow thong swimsuit. The photo is taken from behind, giving the viewer a generous view of her posterior which is a bit curvier than normal thanks to being pregnant with her first child.

Lauren has used her Instagram posts to discuss how she’s been dealing with the changes that her body is going through now that she’s carrying a baby. In this most recent post, she focused on one specific change, cellulite.

“With the rapid onset of weight gain during my first trimester, high carb/high fats (unable to maintain a healthy diet due to extreme all-day nausea), elevated estrogen levels, I’ve acquired cellulite all over during my pregnancy,” she wrote in the caption after revealing that she used to keep it at bay with diet and weight training.

Lauren then declared that the cellulite isn’t something that she’s ashamed of, stating that she wears it as a “badge of honor.”

“As long as I’m doing my best to stay healthy and active, I want to show women that it’s okay, normal & even necessary at times to have cellulite,” she continued.

In the comments, some of Lauren’s pregnant fans thanked her for being so encouraging about something that often leads to body shaming.

“Yaasss!!! You are so inspiring!” one fan wrote. “I love how honest you are! You make me feel more confident being pregnant. Thank you!”

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Lauren recently discussed whether a pregnant woman could be sexy. In the caption of the post, she opened up about overcoming her insecurities about gaining weight. She also thanked her fans for being supportive and encouraging her to show off her body.

In another previous post, she asked her fans to comment with an emoji if they wanted to see more baby bump photos and several of them did so.


Lauren Drain announced her pregnancy in July and has been documenting her journey via her Instagram page. She has previously announced that she’s having a girl and that her name will be Aria Skye. It looks like Lauren is planning to be very open with her fans about her parenting experience as well since she has already created an Instagram account for her child.

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Peep the bump and the rainbow at the end ???????? As my pregnancy progresses, I have noticed a few things. I have a tendency to feel much more tired pretty fast and more prone to excuses to not be as active and indulge in cheat foods more often. I also noticed since I can’t workout as hard, or do as many adrenaline activities I used to engage in, that I started to feel bored and isolated from social activities I would normally attend. In order to cure my inactivity, minor boredom and isolation, I decided to be adventurous and go out and explore the world on a 21 day vacation averaging 10,000 steps a day doing beautiful nature hikes. I may not be able to keep up this level of activity my entire pregnancy but it’s been so refreshing and an energizing way to enjoy my pregnancy so far and stay as fit and healthy as possible. I slowed down my weight gain, which my doctor had been concerned about (gained 16 lbs my first 16 weeks of pregnancy), but then I slowed it down to only gaining 4 lbs from week 16 to week 25. Side note: My babygirl’s kicks are getting stronger and more frequent so she’s clearly enjoying all mama’s hikes and growing her little baby muscles in there. ????????????????????

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If you’re interested in learning more about Lauren Drain’s story of transformation from fitness model to fit mommy, be sure to check out her page on Instagram.