Lamar Odom Accused Of Firing Shots At Khloe Kardashian By Praising ‘All Natural’ Girlfriend

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Lamar Odom’s latest post about his “all natural” new girlfriend is making people wonder if the former NBA star is throwing shade at Khloe Kardashian. According to Hollywood Life, the 39-year-old shared a pair of photos of Sabrina Parr on Instagram to show off her post-baby weight loss.

In the first image, Sabrina strikes a pose in black shorts and a gray sports bra with her hair hidden under a black baseball cap. In the second photo, she shows off her post-pregnancy body in a red sparkly bikini next to a pool.

“Scrollin through @getuptoparr page like DAMN!!!???????? My baby is an extremely hard worker. All NATURAL and real from the inside out,” Lamar posted. “God has bought her in my life for me to reach my full potential and that’s to be Great. I got nuttin but Love for this women.”

He used the hashtag “#lamarandsabrina” in the post, which is similar to the name of the reality show he starred in with his ex, Khloe & Lamar.

Sabrina responded to his post, thanking her BF for his compliments.

“Wait… you just now scrolled through my entire page lol. I appreciate you saying this tho. You see all the things in me that truly makes me who I am. And YES… you were great, are great and will be even greater in the future! I’ll be here for it all,” she wrote.

While some people cheered the Dancing with the Stars contestant for supporting his woman, others called out the fact that he chose to use the words “all natural” in his post, seemingly throwing shade at his former girlfriend Khloe Kardashian.

Sabrina is a fitness trainer and claims that she got her body back in shape after having two babies by using natural methods like exercise and eating well. But Lamar seems to be alluding to plastic surgery in his post, something that Khloe has been accused of for years.

“You don’t need make digs at your highly supportive ex in order to compliment your lovely new lady, Lamar,” one person wrote.

Others agreed that Lamar didn’t need those “plastic Kardashians.”

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Today I got up and knocked out 3 hard miles and then did some upper body and core! This was the best way to start my week off!! . . Exercise is one of my biggest “HOW’S”!! Sooo many people ask me, how did I manage to get through this and that? How do I deal with this and that? Exercise is HOW!!! . . Working out how helps me deal with so many things because truth be told, if I go hard enough, I don’t have any energy left over to be mad, angry, argue sad or depressed lol! It just makes me feel good and it always has. Even when I was a younger, I would use this same tactic! . . Also, when I look good and feel good about myself, I make better choices! I’ll give you an example: when I was dating and a guy was playing games as they usually do lol, I would say to myself, “Sabrina, you look way too good to be dealing what that! Stop responding to him and go about your life”. This would literally be a convo I had with myself. . . I remember when I wasn’t so happy about my body, and I was dealing with some foolishness in a relationship, I would subconsciously believe I deserved that and I wasn’t good enough to get anything better. Man is that a lie tho!!!! . . Exercise doesn’t have to be your thing, although I encourage you to learn to enjoy it because it benefits in so many different ways. But you need to find some THING that is healthy for you that becomes your “HOW”! . . Drugs, alcohol, overeating, etc. are NOT things you should use to deal with stuff! Find things like exercise, prayer, meditation, reading etc. that are healthy releases! Tell me some things you use now that WORK for you..... #msparrmotivates #getuptoparr #mondaymotivation

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Sabrina frequently posts pictures of herself working out at the gym to promote her personal trainer business. Recently, as The Inquisitr reported, she posted an image of herself in a pair of pink tights, a matching pink sports bra, and pink-and-blue shoes. She is smiling while holding up her phone to take a photo and wearing headphones as she hits the machines in the gym.