Ivanka Trump Wears A Black Low-Cut Tank Top At Roundtable Discussion

Anna Harnes

Many people could not pull off a low-cut black tank top with a suit, but first daughter Ivanka Trump managed to do just that. Yesterday, she wore the ensemble while visiting El Centro College in Dallas for a roundtable discussion that included Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

The discussion centered around Google's recent announcement that it was expanding its online training program for entry-level workers. Called the IT Support Professional Certificate, it was originally tested in 30 colleges. Due to the success of the program, it is expanding to 100.

The program only takes six months to complete and helps people who either lack the necessary experience or a college degree to find entry-level jobs in the information technology support sector.

Ivanka was present as an ambassador for the Trump Administration's Pledge to America's Workers. The initiative aims to help create a more skilled market after many businesses reported that they struggled to find qualified applicants.

Since its introduction in July 2018, the program has been very successful. Over 350 companies have agreed to train more than 14 million students and low-skilled workers.

In honor of the occasion, Ivanka wore an emerald green suit with a black tank top underneath. Though the skintight top was on the low-cut side, it nonetheless looked chic. The blazer was single-breasted and featured two oversized buttons, though she did not use them.

A pair of green paper-bag pants completed the look. The high-waisted nature highlighted her slim figure and was very on-trend with current fashion. The pants also cropped halfway down the shin so that she could show off a pair of sleek black patent leather pumps.

Her bob was sleek and polished, and she accessorized with a pair of large gold hoop earrings.

In prepared remarks, she praised Google -- which is also aiming to offer 250,000 new training opportunities in addition to its IT Support Professional Certificate program.

"We know that in order to be competitive in this world, we need to invest in America's greatest asset, our workers, and help fill the openings in the IT field," the first daughter said.

"Google's pledge to train 250,000 Americans for the technology jobs of tomorrow helps us achieve our mission."

"At Google, our goal is to make sure that the opportunities created by technology are truly available to everyone," he said.

'Today I am proud to join more than 350 American businesses in signing the Pledge to America´s Workers. This will take Google's commitment even further by creating 250,000 new training opportunities for American workers over the next five years."