Donald Trump Is Trying To ‘Hypnotize’ The American Public About The Ukraine Call, Former AG Sally Yates Says

Yates weighed in on Twitter Friday morning following the president's latest justification for his July call with Ukraine.

Former Deputy Attorney General, U.S. Department of Justice Sally Yates speaks onstage at the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit - Day 3 on October 11, 2017 in Washington, DC.
Paul Morigi / Getty Images

Yates weighed in on Twitter Friday morning following the president's latest justification for his July call with Ukraine.

Former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates lashed out at President Trump on Twitter on Friday morning following the president’s recent statements and actions regarding allegations that he inappropriately asked the Ukrainian president to investigate conspiracy theories pertaining to the 2016 election and one of his political rivals, former Vice President Joe Biden.

“After being caught secretly strong arming Ukraine, POTUS is trying to hypnotize the American people into believing it can’t be wrong if he says it out loud,” the former deputy attorney general tweeted. “And if he actually thinks he has the ‘absolute right’ to sic foreign powers on political rivals, he’s even more dangerous.”

Her tweet was in direct response to a message the president shared on Twitter Thursday. In the tweet, the president claimed that it was his right and duty to investigate claims of corruption. The president also claimed that this duty would “include asking or suggesting” for aid for other countries in investigating claims of corruption.

The president has offered various explanations for the July call with the Ukrainian president, in which a summarized transcript released last week by the White House supports several claims made by a reported employee of the CIA in a whistleblower complaint filed in August. The president has claimed that he did nothing wrong on the call, but has admitted to asking for help from the foreign government.

The president seemed to take things even further on Thursday when he, in a meeting with members of the press, publicly asked Ukraine to investigate his claims against Biden. In another move, the president also called on China to investigate the former vice president and Democratic presidential hopeful. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the president’s request to China comes just about a week before the U.S. and China are scheduled to begin talks on trade.

Still, the president has continued to claim the investigation into the Ukraine call is a “witch hunt” conducted by the news media and by Congressional Democrats, who last week announced an official impeachment inquiry into his actions. The president has used similar language in the past to describe the investigation into allegations his campaign colluded with Russia to help secure his victory in the 2016 election.


Sally Yates has a history of speaking out against the president and members of his administration. In March, the former Obama administration official penned an op-ed for The Washington Post in which she argued that Attorney General William Barr should release the full findings of former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Yates said that anything but releasing the entire report was not telling the entire truth to Americans. Barr had notably released a short memo summarizing Mueller’s 400-page report. The report would eventually be released to Congress and a redacted version made publicly available. Mueller testified about his findings before Congress in July, coincidently just one day before Trump’s call with the Ukrainian president.