WWE Rumors: WWE Hall Of Famer Gets New Deal Which Includes A Return For One More Match

No one thought he'd ever wrestle again, but he may have one more match.

Edge celebrates in the ring after delivering a spear to Elias at "SummerSlam."

No one thought he'd ever wrestle again, but he may have one more match.

Longtime wrestling fans will always have certain superstars they want to see return to the ring, but some careers are simply over for good. As people get older, they simply can’t go as they used to or injuries may merely cause them to retire for their own health. Well, rumors are now swirling that a WWE Hall of Famer has not only signed a new deal with the company, but that he could actually get back in the ring for one more match.

For those who watched this year’s SummerSlam, there was actually something that happened and no one saw it coming. During the Kickoff Show, Elias came out for an impromptu concert which ended up being interrupted (as usual), but this time, it was by a Hall of Famer.

As reported by The Inquisitr, the “Rated-R Superstar” Edge came down to the ring to have some words with Elias, but there was more to it. Edge ended up spearing “The Drifter” almost out of his boots and the fans absolutely loved it.

After the pay-per-view, Edge spoke about his return to physical action for the first time since medically retiring, and he shocked a lot of people. He actually said that he felt as if he could wrestle again, but he wasn’t sure if WWE would ever let him do it.

Well, it seems as if all of that may have since changed.

Edge preps to deliver a spear on "Raw."

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by way of Cageside Seats, Edge has signed a new deal with WWE. These contract negotiations took place in a very shrewd way on Edge’s part as he actually played the idea of him signing with All Elite Wrestling in order to get more out of WWE.


This worked in his favor as he was able to get more out of WWE, and he may have been able to talk them into clearing him for an in-ring return.

Edge is going to turn 46-years-old at the end of October, and he’s been wanting to get back in the ring for a while now. It was believed, and still is by many people, that doctors would never medically clear him for another match, but that may have changed.

It was just recently revealed that Edge would be leaving his podcast with Christian, and that has some believing he could be training for an in-ring comeback. Add that to him getting physical with Elias at SummerSlam, and it does seem to add up to another match for the Hall of Famer. As of this time, though, this is nothing but rumor and time will tell if he’s getting back in the ring.