Weezer Cruise To Return In 2014

Rock band Weezer have announced the details of their second Weezer Cruise, which will take place next year.

The event, which takes place on a boat, will occur from February 13-17, 2014, and will set sail from Jacksonville in Florida before arriving in the Bahamas.

Weezer have stated that they will play three sets during the cruise, which will also include a “private island beach party and concert.” Several other acts will also play over the four days too.

Other events that will occur on the nautical adventure include a Q&A session, as well as an “interactive Weezer game show,” plus there will be several photo sessions with the fans.

If you are interested in joining Rivers Cuomo and his fellow band-mates on this tour you can visit theweezercruise.com for more information. The prices start from as low as $699 and range up to $4,000.

The first Weezer Cruise, which occurred in 2012, saw several couples renew their wedding vows. The band themselves played songs from their albums Pinkerton and The Blue Album, whilst Yuck, Wavves, The Antlers, Free Energy, Gene Ween, Sebadoh and Dinosaur Jr. supported the band.

Various other activities took place on the boat too. This included, the band’s drummer, Pat Wilson, throwing a shuffleboard tournament, whilst guitarist Brian Bell, hosted a midnight movie party.

Weezer’s last album was entitled, Death To False Metal, and was released in 2010. This was the group’s ninth studio album, and was the follow-up to Hurley, which was inspired by the rotunded character from Lost, who was played by Jorge Garcia.

However, after its release, a former fan of the band, James Burns, looked to raise enough money to force them into retirement, so that their reputation could remain preserved.

Burns failed to raise the funds that he sought, even though Patrick Wilson stated that if donations reached $20million they’d have a “deluxe breakup.”