Donald Trump Is ‘Falling Apart’ And ‘Melting Down,’ Says ‘Art Of The Deal’ Co-Author

President Donald Trump answers questions while departing the White House.
Win McNamee / Getty Images

During an interview with MSNBC broadcast on Thursday, Art of the Deal co-author Tony Schwartz offered a psychoanalysis of President Donald Trump, Raw Story reports.

According to Schwartz, Trump is “falling apart” and “melting down” out of fear of being held accountable for allegedly pressuring Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.

To illustrate his point, Schwartz weighed in on Trump’s behavior during Wednesday’s joint press conference with Finnish President Sauli Niinistö.

During the press event, Trump got into a number of heated exchanges with members of the media, dodged questions about his contacts with Ukraine, directed reporters to ask the Finnish president more questions, railed against “fake news,” accused political opponents of treason, and called himself a “very stable genius.”

“I think what’s really interesting is to observe a level falling apart that — melting down that is so far beyond what we’ve seen,” Schwartz began, explaining that he believes Trump’s behavior during Wednesday’s press conference demonstrates that his mental state is changing, and that he moved from a state of “fight” to a state of “freeze.”

The state of “freeze,” according to Schwartz, is “an extreme version of fight where he literally was paralyzed and finally said, ‘Ask that guy a question, ask him a question.'”

MSNBC Host Ari Melber pointed out that Trump had contacted the Ukrainian president less than 24 hours after Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony, describing his actions as a “political death wish.”

“I think Donald Trump is undeniably his own worst enemy,” Schwartz responded, opining that Trump had contacted Ukraine a day after Mueller’s testimony because he was “in such a state of defensiveness” that all he could do was attack someone.

“And that is evidence of what he does to himself every day,” he added.

The writer concluded his remarks by predicting that the situation will only get worse.


“It’ll get worse for him. And it’ll get worse for us. We are a long way from over in watching this unfold.”

On September 24, the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives launched a formal impeachment inquiry into Trump, deeming his contacts with Ukraine inappropriate.

According to a whistleblower complaint — and as a transcript of Trump’s call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky suggests — the president pressured the eastern European country to investigate the Bidens, threatening to withdraw military aid unless his request is fulfilled.

During a White House press briefing earlier today, as The Associated Press reported, Trump publicly urged Ukraine and China to investigate the Bidens.