GOP Senator Defends Donald Trump’s Call For China To Investigate Joe Biden

The Senator argued that Democrats should support efforts to fully investigate who could likely be their 2020 Democratic nominee.

President Donald Trump speaks to the media as he walks across the South Lawn while departing the White House.
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The Senator argued that Democrats should support efforts to fully investigate who could likely be their 2020 Democratic nominee.

While speaking to reporters outside of the White House on Thursday, President Donald Trump suggested that both China and Ukraine launch investigations into former vice president Joe Biden, sparking a flurry of responses from the media and his critics in U.S. Congress.

After taking a political beating for urging foreign leaders to investigate what will likely be his 2020 election opponent — which is essentially the same reason why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced a formal impeachment inquiry last week — Trump’s strongest Congressional allies stepped up in a defensive role.

According to The Hill, Republican Sen. Ron Johnson was one of those allies, implying on Thursday that Trump’s call for those countries to take a look at Biden’s past dealings is fair game.

In an interview with a Wisconsin radio station, Johnson mentioned Trump’s earlier suggestion and added that Democrats should be on board with fully vetting their potential nominee for the 2020 presidential election.

“First of all one of my comments would be as a member of the Democratic Party wouldn’t you want to know if there’s some real corruption before you choose Joe Biden,” Johnson said, before taking a dig at the mainstream media.

“I mean where is the curiosity of the press?” he added.

In another interview in which Johnson spoke of the original Ukraine phone call that Trump was highly criticized for by Democrats, Johnson stated that Trump is the “chief law enforcement officer” and insinuated that anything Trump asked of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky about potential corruption with Biden was fair game.

“We have proper agreements with countries to investigate potential crimes so I don’t think there’s anything improper about doing that,” Johnson said.

Sen. Ron Johnson participates in a Senate Foreign relations Committee hearing on Capitol Hill.
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As previously reported by The Inquisitr, on Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected a written request by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to suspend the impeachment inquiry she formally announced last week, citing a lack of transparency and rules of the process.

“I am writing to request you suspend all efforts surrounding your ‘impeachment inquiry’ until transparent and equitable rules and procedures are established to govern the inquiry, as is customary,” McCarthy wrote.

Pelosi responded with a letter of her own, in it which she explained to McCarthy that the House has a constitutional obligation to investigate the president asking for help from foreign entities to dig up dirt on what is likely his top 2020 political opponent.

Her response came on the heels of Trump’s remarks to reporters in which he suggested China and Ukraine launch investigations into Biden, claiming the president asked other world leaders to “interfere” in the upcoming U.S. elections — something she reminded him that the Founding Fathers had protections in place for.