Adam Carolla To Huffington Post, ‘You Have Blood On Your Hands’

Adam Carolla took the Huffington Post to task for allegedly trying to foster a racial angle to recent interview between the comedian and California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom. The conversation between the two men centered around discussions about success in the black and Latino communities.

In Carolla’s recent podcast he stated that the Huffington Post headlined a story, “Adam Carolla to Gavin Newsom: What’s wrong with blacks and Latinos?” The comedian maintains the headline and the story were entirely off base. Carolla stated he did not bring black and Latinos into the interview chat, Lt. Governor Newsom did.

Carolla told his audience that his comments about parents staying put to raise their children and that families and cultures should focus on education were not racist or revolutionary remarks – they were the truth.

The comedian also referred the left-slanted media as part of the problem. Adam Carolla also called Gavin Newsom part of the system. According to Carolla, California Lt. Governor Newsom knows how to fix the problems but is too much of a “f*****g coward” to get the job done.

An excerpt from Adam Carolla’s podcast reads:

“Guys like Huffington Post, you f*****g line up behind these people and let me tell you something, you guys have blood on your hands. Because the problem could be fixed. It’s a problem that involves bodies.”

The comedian also went on to address gun violence in detail. Carolla stated there are “brown people” shooting other brown people on Chicago streets every day. He claims if the body count was a Sandy Hook style situation, left-leaning journalists would be up in arms. The Adam Carolla speech appears to indicate that since the crime is between minorities on city streets, often in poor neighborhoods, sensible solutions are not voiced and the outpouring of emotion remains low.

The comedian and Fox News contributor also lambasted the Huffington Post and liberal media for calling labeling him a racist for speaking what he vehemently considers, the truth.

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What do you think about Adam Carolla’s take on the gun control and gun violence debate.

WARNING: The video contains graphic language.

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