Boldin Traded To 49ers For 6th Round Draft Pick

Anquan Boldin has been traded to the San Francisco 49ers by the Baltimore Ravens in exchange for 2013 sixth round draft pick. reports that the Baltimore Ravens were desperate to get rid of Boldin.

Due to the salary cap, the team needed their wide receiver to take a $2 million salary cut for the 2013 season. When Boldin refused, the Ravens had no choice but to send him on his way.

The deal hasn’t been confirmed by the Ravens or the 49ers yet but according to the Baltimore Sun it’s a “done deal.”

Boldin will still have to pass a physical before the deal is finalized but both teams have already agreed on the terms. The 49ers will get Boldin and the Ravens will get a 6th round draft pick. The Ravens will also get rid of a $6 million burden. The 49ers will reportedly pay Boldin exactly what he was owed by the Ravens.

The Ravens were going to lose Boldin anyway so at least they were able to get something before his departure. Still, Boldin’s former teammates weren’t too happy about the deal.

Are you surprised that the Baltimore Ravens traded Anquan Boldin to the 49ers? The Ravens aren’t the only team feeling struggling with their salary cap. The Washington Redskins recently released DeAngelo Hall because they couldn’t afford him.