Christmas Lights Sales And Christmas Decorations Sales Flood The Internet: Check Out The Best Ones

Christmas Day has officially been over for less than 24 hours, but the internet is flooded with searches for Christmas lights sales and Christmas decorations sales. People know that the holiday is done and it's time to take everything down, but the cheap prices on leftovers in stores will give them a jump start on next year's holiday festivities.

It's that time of year that the lights are turned off and the inflatable snowmen are laying flat on the ground and ready for their cardboard boxes. Still, it's also a great time to get your hands on cheap decorations for next year.

Most stores have already placed a lot of their Christmas lights and Christmas decorations on sale, but they likely haven't gotten rid of their full supply yet. Whatever they have in stock needs to go, and stores like Target are dropping the prices tremendously.

Some of the best deals at Target include:

  • Mini Lights Clear 100 count - $2.99 per box
  • Icicle Lights Clear with White Wire 300 count - $7.99 per box
  • Faceted Red/Clear Glass Christmas Lights 35 count - $7.78 per box
  • Philips Red LED Smooth Globe String Lights 25 count - $7.18 per box
  • Philips Twinkle White & Silver Die Cut Snowman - $44.98 / Reg. $89.99
  • Philips Twinkle White & Silver Die Cut Sleigh - $44.98 / Reg. $89.99
Some of the deals at Target and other stores are only available in-store, so make sure before thinking you can get all of the Christmas lights and Christmas decorations sales online.

Walmart has placed a ton of things on sale for next year's Christmas decorating needs. Not only are there Christmas lights and decorations on sales, but also ornaments, stockings, and even trees.

  • Holiday Time Pre-Lit 7.5' Sanford Pencil Christmas Tree, Green, Clear Lights - $60 / Reg. $99
  • Holiday Time Non-Lit 7' Elwood Pine Christmas Tree, Blue/Green - $29.97 / Reg. $69
  • Unlit 7.5' Manchester Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree - $29.97 / Reg. $98
  • Disney Frozen Hallmark Christmas Ornaments, set of 3 - From $22.35
Macy's has a lot of Christmas decorations on sale, but not so much the lights or trees. You will be able to also find snow globes, Lenox pieces, items from Department 56, Christopher Radko ornaments, and even Waterford items.

Lots of Christmas items at Macy's are anywhere from 50 to 75 percent off in their Holiday Lane Closeout sale. There is also free shipping for a limited time, so get on it fast.

There are plenty of online outlets having sales on Christmas decor and lights as well. Christmas Lights Etc. is having a huge sale with items down as much as 60 percent. There are some giant lawn pieces too, so make sure to get those while you can.

Collections Etc. is another great site to get some big holiday deals, and you can even receive 15 percent off your entire first order by being a new subscriber.

The sales on both Christmas lights and Christmas decorations are going to last until the stock is depleted and all items are gone. While that could end up lasting a week or two, what you actually want will likely be gone much faster than that. Get on the sales while you can and save.

[Image via Fine Art America]