Who Is Sarah Tither-Kaplan, Latest Actress To Accuse James Franco Of ‘Sexual Exploitation’?

Sarah Tither Kaplan poses for a photo on her Twitter page
Sarah Tither-Kaplan / Twitter

Sarah Tither-Kaplan is a name that many people likely hadn’t heard about before today, but that’s likely about to change now that the actress and a co-accuser have filed a lawsuit against actor James Franco for alleged “sexual exploitation.”

According to her IMDB page, Tither-Kaplan has appeared in a number of short films from 2013 to 2019. She is also listed as an actress on Making a Scene With James Franco, a series in which the actor recreated some of his favorite parts of iconic movies and television shows.

Tither-Kaplan also has producer, writer, and casting director credits on a couple of other projects as well.

As her profile on The Black List notes, she’s a graduate of the University Of Southern California (USC) where she earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Music Industry. She graduated in 2013.

She gained experience in the entertainment industry via internships at Envision Media Arts, Velvet Hammer, Music Management, The Collective, Rogers & Cowan, AEG Live, and NBCUniversal.

According to The Black List, her writing credits include three short plays and three short films. One of her plays, Flyover State, was featured at the 2014 Hollywood Fringe Festival and was nominated for the “Best New Play” award from the Gangbuster’s Theater Company following a sold-out run.

Her profile also shows that Tither-Kaplan managed The Pink House LA, a space for up-and-coming actors and other artists to showcase their talents.

The New York Times reports that Tither-Kaplan and her co-accuser, Toni Gaal, began attending the Los Angeles branch of James Franco’s film and acting school, Stage 4, in 2014, the same year that the school was established. According to the article, they paid a $300 monthly fee to be there and were reportedly promised perks like exclusive auditions that would only be available to students at the school. They claim that these promises were not honored.


As The Inquisitr reported, the crux of their lawsuit revolves around claims of sexual misconduct against Franco during classes at Stage 4. They allege that participants in a $750 sex scene masterclass class were made to accept conditions that did not uphold the industry’s ethical standards in place to protect actors. For example, Tither-Kaplan states that the 127 Hours actor removed the plastic guard that’s meant to cover an actress’s vagina during simulated oral sex scenes.

This is not the first time that Sarah Tither-Kaplan has called out Franco for sexual misconduct. Her accusations against him came to light after she detailed a pattern of his alleged exploitative behavior in a 2018 Los Angeles Times article. She also directly accused him on Twitter and called him out for wearing a pin that supported the “Time’s Up” movement.