Blonde Bombshell Anna Katharina Smolders In Crop Top And Barely-There Bikini Bottoms At the Beach

Swimsuit model Anna Katharina likely dropped several jaws on Thursday when she posted a series of scorching hot photos of herself wearing a skin-tight bright blue crop top and a pair of barely-there black bikini bottoms. The outfit showed off a generous expanse of the blond bombshell's trim torso while also flaunting her enviable waist-to-hip ratio. Her smoldering stare towards the camera only heightened the impact of an already seductive image.

Anna's fans seem to have been entranced by the post. Many of them jumped into the comments section to share their appreciation for it.

One fan implied that the photo could cause serious health conditions.

"That has heart attack written all over it," they wrote.

Others were more direct with their praise.

"Absolutely gorgeous," another commenter wrote.

"You're beautiful," a third follower commented.

"Sweetest perfection," a fourth gushed.

In the caption, Anna quipped that her pose makes her look like a child who went outside to play but promised their parents that they wouldn't get their clothes soiled.

While most of the comments complimented her physical beauty, some fans appeared to also love her sense of humor.

"You're so funny! Beautiful photo," one commenter wrote.

"Your captions KILL me," another said before adding a series of laughing emojis to their comment.

Anna is likely used to getting all of this positive attention from her Instagram content as it comes with each tantalizing photo she posts to the platform. As The Inquisitr reported, she got similar feedback when she posted some photos of herself rocking a tiny string bikini from Fashion Nova. She also showed off her humor in that post by including a picture of herself making a goofy face.

In the caption, she asked which photo suited her personality the most. The responses varied but in the comments, she said that the goofy photo fit her personality the most, in her opinion.

She showed off her knack for hilarious captions again in a photo where she's wearing yet another string bikini.

"This hairstyle is called 'just walked through a bunch of spider webs,'" she wrote.

Several of her fans disagreed with that comment about her hair, though, and proceeded to blow up the comments section with messages that would inflate anyone's ego.

She may post bikini photos on her Instagram page on a near-daily basis but it's clear that, with her captions, she also wants to show her personality, too. It appears to be working since she gets comments about her beauty and her humor.

She shows even more depth in her secondary page, "Girl Chat With AK," which is completely different from her main one. There are no bikini posts there, just honest discussions about topics that affect women like body positivity, self-esteem, romantic relationships and more.