Ex-Soldier Kindly Myers Wows In Multicolor Halterneck Bikini

Kindly Myers takes a selfie
Kindly Myers / Instagram

Kindly Myers has delivered a stunning new bikini update. The ex-soldier and model doesn’t seem to stop nailing her updates; a “Jamaica me crazy” snap of Kindly in a rolled-down swimsuit made The Inquisitr’s headlines just this week. Today is seeing the blond bombshell back in her trademark two-piece — likely a treat for her fans.

Kindly’s photo today showed her shot outdoors and in full daylight. The blonde was seen posing amid greenery formed by climbing plants, with the backdrop proving refreshing as Kindly clung onto a stalk with one hand. The sizzling bikini body was steaming things up, though. Kindly was rocking a super-tiny and multicolor bikini with patterned fabrics in purple, blue, and other colors, with an almost floral feel to the finish. The halterneck upper was showcasing the star’s ample assets as she was photographed in semi-profile, with a healthy cleavage flashing manifesting. The star’s lowers were barely-there, although the photo itself was a tasteful one.

Kindly let her long blond hair cascade down her back, with today affording the bombshell finish that the model’s fans so love.

A caption from Kindly seemed out to confirm that her career is on the up; a little humor was also used.

Kindly’s update quickly racked up likes, with over 4,000 clocked in just 45 minutes. The star was also left many comments, with fans appearing mostly floored by her beauty and killer body.

Fans also seemed to have noticed what Kindly was celebrating.

“Congratulations on model of the month. Have a great day,” one fan wrote with three fire emoji.

“Beautiful,” another said.

“Hello gorgeous hope you’re having a wonderful day and you looking amazing, so beautiful” was another comment followed by many emoji.

“OMG” seemed to see one fan taken aback.


Kindly has been delivering some stunning updates of late. The model has been photographed poolside and in ocean water, with her posts appearing to showcase both her fierce body and her sense of humor. As to the swimwear, fans can always expect the unexpected with Kindly; a recent snap showed the blonde lying poolside in a swimsuit covered in pizza prints.

Kindly was born in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The model served four years in the Army National Guard before turning her focus to modeling, health, and fitness. The military past hasn’t been forgotten, though, with some snaps on Kindly’s Instagram showing her in camouflage looks.

Fans wishing to see more of Kindly should follow her Instagram account.