Tucker Carlson Says Washington Insiders Plotted To Take Out Donald Trump From Day One

Fox News reporter Tucker Carlson claimed on Thursday that Washington insiders have been plotting to remove Donald Trump before he was even elected. The controversial host penned an op-ed for the news agency that claimed to have evidence that Washington's so-called "ruling class" has been gunning for the president since "day one."

According to Carlson, he doesn't believe Nancy Pelosi's assertion that she didn't want to impeach the president until the phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky came to light. Despite months of Pelosi saying that she didn't believe impeachment was the right route to take, Carlson said that the Democratic House leader was part of a group of people just waiting for an excuse to remove Trump from office.

As The Daily Beast reported in March, Pelosi said that she thought impeachment would be too divisive for the country. But Carlson wasn't buying it.

"What we can say with absolute certainty -- provable certainty -- is that permanent Washington has been thinking about impeaching Donald Trump for an awfully long time," Carlson claimed in his piece.

The Fox News anchor then went on to present his evidence. A woman who worked under former President Barack Obama named Evelyn Farkas said while stumping for Hillary Clinton that she believed if Trump was elected president in the 2016 election he would be quickly impeached.

"They hated Donald Trump from day one. I mean, yes, Donald Trump is vulgar, but that had nothing to do with why they hated him," he said.

Carlson claimed that Washington insiders disagree with "most American voters" on Russia, the Middle Eastern wars, and the election of Trump, so they have been plotting to remove him from office.

"But more than anything --and this is the key -- they couldn't control what Donald Trump said or did. Nobody can. And that was the unforgivable crime. So from day one, they planned to take him out," he claimed.

"This Ukraine nonsense is just the latest pretext for doing that," Tucker said via his Fox News report, adding that first it was the Russia collusion controversy, followed by the Stormy Daniels affair.

"It's like Mad Libs," he concluded.

Carlson then went on to retread the claim that Adam Schiff had met with the whistleblower who reported the phone call between Trump and Ukraine before the complaint was filed. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Trump and conservative talking heads claim that Schiff lied about the Ukrainian transcript and had met with the whistleblower before the report was filed. Trump has gone so far as to assert that Schiff likely helped the whistleblower write the complaint, though there is no evidence to support that.