Steven Tyler’s $1.1 Million Car Spotted In Hollywood

Going for a drive in Hollywood doesn’t typically make the news. That is, unless you’re Steven Tyler and you’re driving a $1.1 million car.

Tyler, who purchased the hand-built convertible last year for about $1.1 million, was spotted out in Hollywood this weekend after a benefit show.

Tyler performed with Joe Perry at the Stuart House benefit and then hopped into his Hennessey Venom GT Spyder for a Sunday afternoon cruise.

Steven Tyler’s car is the world’s fastest street legal convertible. The car, which can hit 200 mph in under 16 seconds, is one of only five in existence. Tyler’s car is, however, the only one to be built as a convertible.

John Hennessey said: “Steven came to us last year and asked if we could build his Venom GT as a roadster. We had to make a few structural changes to our integrated rollcage in order to be able to fit the removable top. This increased the weight of our vehicle by about 30 lbs to a curb weight of 2743 lbs (1244 kilograms). We decided to increase the Venom GTs power to 1244 bhp to maintain our 1 horsepower per 1 kilogram power to weight ratio.”

Here’s a video of Tyler pulling up to the charity event in his $1.1 million car.

Here’s another video just in case you needed to see a video of Tyler leaving the event.

What do you think of Steven Tyler’s car?