Swedish Bombshell Anna Nyström Talks About Body ‘Results’ In Skintight Yoga Pants

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Anna Nyström / Instagram

As one of the most popular Instagram stars in Sweden, if not the world, Anna Nyström knows how to give her legion of followers what they like, and yesterday she did just that. The blond beauty posed in a pair of tight light pink yoga pants and a skintight white crop top, and fans were in love.

The Swedish stunner is often seen in athleisure clothing, as she first found social media fame from documenting her fitness journey. Anna claimed on her personal website that she was inspired to focus on wellness after she had reached a dark period in her health.

In fact, Anna claimed that there were days in which she was in so much pain that she struggled to get out of bed in the morning. Recognizing that things needed to change, she prioritized her body and made herself go the gym each day.

Soon enough, she started feeling stronger, which inspired her to keep going. Today, she is one of the biggest fitness influencers on Instagram, with over 8.2 million followers, and is a licensed personal trainer.

Though exercise is one of Anna’s biggest passions, she is also open in that wellness is not just about cardio and weight training, but also a balanced lifestyle, healthy eating, and an awareness of mental health.

In the picture, Anna crouches low to the ground with one elbow resting on her knee. Her straight blond locks are naturally styled and fall down to her waist. For her top, she wears a skintight white shirt that features a slight crop top so that a glimpse of her toned midriff is visible.

Her pants are a pastel pink and hug the fitness star’s curves in all the right places. Completing the look is a pair of white sneakers.

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Off to the gym ???????? Are you going today? A lot of you have been asking me for advice how to get started and/or find motivation for the gym if you are new to it. I remember when I started going, and my goal was actually to just do “something active” during the day. If I just went to the gym and did something, just pushing me to do something it would at least be something. Just get the routine to go to the gym, do something I felt like doing (a class, a run/or walk, lifting weights) and then leaving the gym with a feeling that I actually went, felt proud, and was looking forward to my next workout. That was more important for me than going all in with too much pressure on myself or TOO much expectations of quick results. I knew that it wouldn’t last, because finding a good balance is maintainable and extreme isn’t. In the long run I knew if I just kept going it would come naturally to eventually start pushing and challenging myself more and more. Results takes time and time flies when you are having fun and feel good about yourself ♥

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The post quickly received nearly 120,000 likes and just shy of 1,300 comments.

“So beautiful,” a fan sighed, with three red heart emoji.

“Those blush leggings are everything!” complimented fellow fitness model Brittany Oldehoff.


“Lord you’re so so gorgeous,” added another, with a red heart and heart-eyes emoji.

In her caption, Anna urged her followers to always try to go to the gym, even if it meant doing a less intense routine or doing what they wanted to do instead of what they felt they should do.

It’s a mindset that seems to have greatly benefited the Scandinavian stunner, who showcased the effects of her exercise routine in another recent picture in which she sizzled in black leather pants.