Sahara Ray Exposes Chest With A Strip Of Tape & Calls Herself A Sex Symbol

Sahara Ray wears a white dress.
Matthew Eisman / Getty Images

Sahara Ray took some time away from Instagram, and her second-newest post was from mid-August. Luckily for her fans, it looks like she’s back, at least for now. In a new, triple-photo update on Instagram, the model showed off her body and had fans gushing about her good looks.

The outfit that Ray sported was quite revealing and consisted of eye-catching pants and an unconventional top. The pants were white with red and black splatter paint throughout. It was high-waisted and had a baggy fit.

On the other hand, she didn’t wear a typical top, but rather, just a strip of black tape. The tape had white lines running down the middle and left her chest exposed.

It was potentially this revealing outfit that inspired Sahara’s captions where she declared herself a sex symbol.

The first photo of the set showed Sahara posing with her right shoulder angled towards the camera. Her chest could be seen, as she gave a coy look over her right shoulder. She wore her hair down in waves and rocked a heavy left part that left the left side of her face obscured. Ray also popped her right knee and placed her hands inside her pockets.

Behind the model, you could see a clear piece of plastic or glass, with a spray-painted heart.

The second photo showed Sahara crouched close to the ground as she rested her arms in front of her chest. She rocked bright red gloves and a brown, small-brimmed hat.

And a third photo showed Ray striking a pose full of movement as she was spotted behind the clear plastic or glass wall. She pointed her right leg out beside her, as she threw her arms up into the air. Her face was mostly obscured by the spray-painted heart, while her chest was on display.

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hot girl summer ????

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Behind the model, you could see a blank wall along with a couple of silver stands.

This update garnered over 11,000 likes, with plenty of fans leaving nice compliments in the comment section.

“Crying over all of these,” gushed a fan.

“Nothing about this is fair,” joked another fan.

Others thought Sahara looked sizzling hot.


“Hottest human alive in case you are one of us… cuz I doubt it,” said a follower, using the alien emoji to make their point.

“You are another level of hot,” declared another follower.

“Just realized how much you look like a bratz doll,” commented an Instagram user.

Fans can hope for more details on this photoshoot in time. Considering that the model took a month and a half to post last time, we’ll have to wait and see what happens next.

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The Venus ????

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