Melissa Riso Bares Her Buns In Blue Thong String Bikini

Melissa Riso on Instagram.
Melissa Riso / Instagram

Actress, model, and hairstylist Melissa Riso thrilled her 1.1 million Instagram followers with a cheeky post on the popular social media platform.

In the image, Riso posed leaning against a pillar. She wore a blue thong string bikini, and the bottoms tied on either side of her hips. The top tied around her back right below her damp, wavy hair that hung down her toned back. The model stood barefoot on her toes, which showed off her enviable curvaceous backside and shapely toned legs. Her face appeared makeup-free.

In her caption, Riso cheekily wrote that she doesn’t look back on her past but instead focuses on the future, and she urged her followers to do the same. The irony, of course, is that the model’s bikini also showed off her backside as she looked back at the camera, which at least one fan picked up on. Fans appreciated the sentiment and the picture with more than 5,900 of them, pressing the “like” button in support. Plus, over 160 people took the time to leave a supportive comment for the actress.

“Yeah, but what are your thoughts on looking back at your a** lol?” a fan quipped.

“You’ve definitely proved that you’re a beautiful woman with a magnificent body, but you have the intellect to go along with all of that as well. You’re definitely a treasure of a woman!!!” another declared.

Followers also encouraged Riso to keep up her excellent work on Instagram.

“Amazing views from every angle. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pics.”

In her Instagram story earlier, the model shared some clips of a yoga class she attended filled with many different people working on their practice. She also revealed a special deal for her followers for the Manscape brand products.


Many fans also appreciated that post, which appears as if it may be sponsored. She posed in a tiny “Manscaped” tank-style cropped top, which showed off her ample cleavage, and she paired the sexy shirt with a pair of pink lacy panties. The brunette beauty’s long hair fell in casual waves over one shoulder, and she wore light, natural makeup for the picture. The CEO of Mr. By Melissa Riso is no stranger to selling products for men to men. She also often promotes her own line of men’s hair care products, which includes a shampoo, conditioner, and pomade.

The Inquisitr recently reported that recently Riso posed in a black corset style that thrilled her followers.