Move Over Twhirl, Alert Thingy, Feedalizr Is In Town

Feedalizr is an Adobe AIR app for FriendFeed that is getting a lot of buzz on FriendFeed at the moment. If you haven’t heard of it you’re not alone, however the service is actually 2 days older than Alert Thingy, often credited as the first desktop FriendFeed application.

Feedalizr at its core is a simple to use, clean and beautiful FriendFeed application. Setup is easy, and users immediately get access to the latest from their FriendFeed. Filtering is available from the top of the app, and users can also send Twitter messages as well. Where Feedalizr excels is built in support for posting to Flickr and posting video; it wasn’t clear where the video was stored but it would appear to be a service specifically for Feedalizer users.

There are some areas needing improvement. The application is fat (wide) and takes up to much screen space for my liking. Support for Twitter posting is built in but not Twitter reading (although many will read Twitter via FriendFeed anyway). Customization is non-existent to the point that I couldn’t work out how to get the mic working when trying to record a video; it may just have been me, but there’s no setting option aside from a box to enter your FriendFeed details.

If you’re using FriendFeed and don’t have much of a need for a Twitter client, Feedalizr is most definitely worth a look. It’s still an alpha release so we’d expect to see improved features in the future, but this app is going to win users now based on looks alone in a similar way Twitterific won the hearts and minds early on of Twitter users.