Brittanya Razavi Puts On A Twerking Show At Walmart In Leopard-Print Bodysuit

Mizuki Hisaka

Brittanya Razavi isn't exactly shy about showing off her assets on Instagram, as she previously proved when she posed in a see-through swimsuit.

The social media hottie has since kept things rolling with a new video. The Instagram video, which she posted several days ago, showed the model putting on a twerking show at a Walmart.

The clip started off with her walking towards the front door before she stopped and stood with her back against the camera. She then started twerking while throwing her hands up in the air. From there, she didn't hesitate to get down on her knees and grab the pole in front of her, as she continued to twerk.

As Brittanya was doing this, however, a bystander was spotted to the right, saying something while holding their hands in the air.

From there, the camera followed Razavi into the entryway, where she turned around for the first time to show off the front of her bodysuit.

The bodysuit featured a leopard-print design, with long pants and a halter-like top. Thanks to the model's curvy figure, the bodysuit didn't exactly cover all of her chest. In fact, her sideboob peeked through for a moment.

She wore her hair up in a half-up, half-down hairstyle featuring two, high pigtails. Brittanya gave plenty of flirty looks and even spanked herself at the end of the clip.

Parts of the clip were slowed down for maximum effect, and it has so far been very popular, amassing over 1.5 million views in the past five days.

"She was BIG mad, trying to ruin our video," joked a fan.

"That lady was really annoyed! I love how you are not phased," said another fan.

Other fans commented on the location of the video.

"What Walmart in Vegas? Lol," asked a follower.

"I wanna go shop at walmart now," said another follower.

Plus, there were plenty of followers that were distracted by Ravazi's good looks.

"Slow motion makes EVERYTHING look better," said an Instagram fan.

The model's fans can also check out her newest video, which was also in slow motion. It showed Brittanya at the beach in a small, red bikini. She showed off her hair flipping skills, before wading into the water to drink an energy drink.