Viking Barbie Gives Fans An Eyeful Of Booty In Tiny Bikini

Viking BarbieInstagram

Viking Barbie, also known as Kayleigh Swenson, is back on Instagram. She has been busy sharing revealing photos that seem to tantalize her two million followers. This time, she was spotted giving fans an eyeful of booty while wearing a thong bikini. She was apparently at the Monarch Beach Resort, enjoying some pool time indoors.

The singer posed with her back facing the camera, as she leaned forward on silver handrails. Viking popped her left hip to accentuate her curves while glancing over her left shoulder. She wore her hair down in a casual hairstyle as she looked coy.

Barbie’s tattoo on her derriere was also on full display. The inking appeared to be a pentagram with fire coming out of it. Meanwhile, her tattoo sleeve was also visible on her left arm.

The new photo garnered Viking more than 79,000 likes. Her captions also received a lot of attention from her fans, as she claimed that someone mean-mugged her as the photo was taken.

The model’s friend, Layna Boo, was apparently there when the minor drama went down.

“She did not like us at all,” Layna commented, punctuating her message with the rolling on the floor while laughing emoji.

“I would be muggin ya but a nice muggin,” joked another fan.

“Maybe it wasn’t a mean mug but a new gesture of amazement!!” suggested another fan.

That wasn’t all that was said, as other fans sent Barbie compliments on her good looks.

“What a wonderful view,” said a follower.

“Wifey material,” said another follower.

In another photo shared several days ago, Barbie showed off her derriere yet again. The singer was spotted leaning on her knees in the front seat of her car, while only wearing an excessively ripped pair of shorts.

Prior to the update, Viking had posted another racy photo from her car in early September. That time, she stood on the ground while leaning on her front seat to look for something. Thanks to the short mini dress she wore, her fans were able to peek up her skirt.

The dress she wore was white or light yellow and featured a floral design. The frock also rocked small sleeves that appeared to be off-the-shoulder.

While most fans had probably been distracted by her derriere, the angle also revealed her backside’s large, red rose tattoo. For the shot, she had pulled her hair back into a casual ponytail.

The Viking Barbie Instagram update received more than 59,000 likes.